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SA Power Networks

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Karley Donnelly

7.15 AM

The alarm goes off – it’s time to wake up! 

7.40 AM

Check the weather and find something to wear, as it’s casual Friday!

8.00 AM

Embark on the drive to the IT office in Keswick. Traffic was extra busy, so it took me about 40 minutes instead of my usual 25.

8.45 AM

Meet up with a colleague from a previous rotation for a coffee. The nearby café is a popular place to meet and grab a drink or something to eat. 


9.00 AM

Check my emails - I am waiting on some replies from some of the depot supervisors regarding a mobile phone rollout that we have commenced. We are swapping phone models and need to organise large sessions at all depots (including rural). I have been assisting in organising these sessions and am waiting to confirm the number of staff members at a few of the depots. 

9.15 AM

Check other applications such as Yammer and Microsoft Teams. Yammer is like a corporate social media and is a great place to see what is going on in the company. I also spend some time on Teams, which is where the project team I am working with updates their files and communications.

9.20 AM

A colleague and I are hosting a phone deployment session at our office, so we need to turn on all the mobile phones and update them. We have 7 people attending this session.


9.30 AM

The session begins, and we need to walk the users through setting up their new phones and assist them in getting all the essentials. We also need to give them a tutorial on the phone as it is quite different from their current device. The whole process takes about 1.5 – 2 hours. 

11.00 AM

Return to my desk to get some work done. A colleague has sent me a draft for corporate comms, so I have a read over and include my feedback. I also spend some more time updating documents on the Team Site as required. 

11.50 AM

Meet with my reporting manager and some of the other IT graduates - he has asked us to go to lunch and welcome the new Testing Trainee. I’ve offered to drive as I have a closer carpark today (the closer car parks are on a roster system).

12.15 PM

Arrive at the Gilbert St Hotel for lunch. It was great! (I got a Chicken Parmi, of course.)


1.15 PM

Arrive back to the office.

1.20 PM

Work on a draft for an automatic email to be sent to new users of the mobile phones. After confirmation with my supervisor, I can submit a formal request to have it implemented into our IT Service Management Tool. 

2.00 PM

Check off the final thing on my ‘To-Do’ list for this graduate rotation. It’s my last day on the project, so I am aiming to have all of my outstanding work completed to minimise handover required. 


2.05 PM

Check-in with my supervisors to ensure there was no other work they needed me to complete before the end of the day. They were happy with everything, so asked that I just go on with extra work if I could. I use the time to start a Knowledge Article for our Knowledge Base regarding the new phones. 

2.45 PM

Check if I have any tasks on our project’s Kanban board. As we try to run our projects in an Agile way, we often utilise Kanban boards to track our work. I ensure all my tasks on the board are up to date, and that they have been moved accordingly.


3.00 PM

I have a meeting with one of the business analysts in the project. She’s asked me to give her a ‘handover’ of all the work I had been doing, as I’d been acting as a business analyst on the Mobile Phone project. I show her where each piece of work has been saved and give her an update on all outstanding items to come.

3.30 PM

My supervisor asks me if I could update our issue register with a new issue that we had found. I also spend some time moving the register into a more visible location so that it can be easily shared with stakeholders.

4.00 PM

I continue working on my Knowledge Article on how to reset the new mobile phones if they ever freeze. I want to have this completed before the end of the day. I manage to complete and upload it by 4.30 pm.

4.35 PM

Quick catch up with my supervisor to say thank you for their support over my rotation.

4.50 PM

Pack up my desk that has been my base for the last couple of months – ready to move upstairs next week for my new graduate rotation.


5.10 PM

In the car, ready to head home!


5.40 PM

Catch up with my partner for dinner and looking forward to the weekend.