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Nick Young

5.45 AM

My alarm goes off at 5:45 am each day. I find this provides me with enough time to get ready and prepare for the challenging day ahead.

6.15 AM

With perfect balmy weather outside, I grab my helmet, drink bottle and Mongoose (bike) and start riding to work. Like a young Cadel Evans, I speed past the average Joe and, 20 minutes later, arrive at the end of trip facilities. I take a quick shower and head over to the site.

7.00 AM

Task 1: Project Signage

I’ve read in the past that high achieving individuals attack the most critical elements of their day first. First and most critical task is to finalise the signage design for the project and issue it to the relevant authorities. I re-review my prepared agenda for the 8:00 signage meeting, making sure I’m clear on the required outcomes. I need the signage contractor and engineers to be on the same page – regardless of how long it takes.

8.00 AM

Signage Meeting

The meeting goes well. It didn’t take long for the contractor and the engineer to get on the same page and make everything work. The plans can be issued out and the signs prepped for manufacture.

I go back to my desk, send the plans to the Superintendent who will issue them to the council as it forms part of our Planning Permit conditions. 

9.00 AM

The stomach starts to growl around 8:45!

After the meeting finishes, I run down to the local café and order my usual strong, hot latte. I then head back to the lunchroom.  If time permits, we typically have a mid-morning break as a team which inevitably turns into an all-round discussion about the project.

9.20 AM

After breakfast, fueled up and full of energy, I head back to the desk and clear out my morning’s emails.

PROBUILD Nick Young at his desk

10.00 AM

One of the project’s typical office floors is being energised next week however, in order to safely do so, all related incomplete works must be finished. I grab the iPad, plans and PPE and head out to site with the Site Supervisor for that area.

On site we status the progress of all outstanding works, ensuring anything falling behind is addressed with the relevant contractors and logged on the iPad. Most of the main works have been complete, but we need to get the contractors back down here to finish off that last 5%. I issue the list to the Subcontractors with actions allocated including close-out dates.

PROBUILD Nick Young with a colleague

12.30 PM

Today’s lunch is a vegetarian kidney-bean chilli made with cacao. It’s lasted me two days so far and I’d say today will be its last legs. Still tastes great. Lunch break is a time when we all get together and break as a team. 

PROBUILD Nick Young lunch time

1.15 PM

We typically sign our contractors up on Design and Construct contracts, whereby they are required to develop, engineer and certify their own components of the design. They have a number of outstanding design queries for both us and the consultants around the diesel fill point and feature louvre soffit.

I quickly scan through my outstanding Requests for Information on Aconex and prepare and brief agenda based on that. I call the contractors, meet them on site, and go through their list of design actions. I then call the consultants to agree on a timeline to close out all queries. We agree to have everything closed out by the end of the week.

3.00 PM

After actioning this morning’s signage meeting and this afternoon’s cladding meeting actions, it’s time to review some shop drawings.

These Level 2 balustrade drawings need to be checked against the architectural drawings and site conditions. I pull out my red pen and start marking up. I grab the tape measure, head out to site, and check a few critical dimensions. After that, the drawings are stamped and off for fabrication.

PROBUILD Nick Young grabbing a tape measure

4.30 PM

As always, emails have built up gradually from the morning. I address any critical emails that might affect cost or works tomorrow first and log the remaining action items in my book. I keep tabs on the importance levels of these logged items so I can prioritise them over the coming days.

6.00 PM

Back on the bike. Bit of a tailwind this time, home in 18 minutes.

7.00 PM

Grab my housemate and head off to the local gym. Quick workout and head home. Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals are on the menu tonight - Peri peri chicken, dressed potatoes and rocket salad.