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April Clark

5.30 AM

The first of serval alarms. I hit snooze and try to go back to sleep, I repeat this until I crawl out of bed.

6.10 AM

I begin my walk to the train station. I prefer to walk in the morning as it is a chance to get some fresh air and wake up for the day ahead. From there it is roughly a 20min train ride into work where I can get in a quick read or just sit and relax.

6.55 AM

I arrive at work and get my coffee fix with breakfast, while I read my emails and check my calendar for any meetings I may need to prepare for. I generally have a few urgent items I need to complete from the previous day, which I prefer to do first as your day can be taken quickly.

More specially, I need to review the document control emails in Aconex which involves transmittals of revised drawings and workflows. This can be a mundane task, however, it's very important to review daily to ensure Subcontractors/Staff/Consultants are working off the latest documentation.

PROBUILD April Clark checking her emails

Following that, I review a Subcontractors delivery schedule which has raised concerns on their ability to maintain programme. To assist, I issue a revised forecast of delivery dates and quantity of materials required onsite to ensure programme can be met.

Currently as the Project Coordinator for the hotel finishes, my days consist of workshops, site meetings/inspections, coordinating design, managing procurement and programme for a fast and quality delivery of the fitout.

9.00 AM

After a busy morning I put my Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on and head out to site. I have a brief discussion with the Finishes Supervisor to run through any concerns/issues onsite and status programme.

I always take a hard copy of the Target Programme to track where each floor of works are at/to where they need to be. I use the opportunity to speak with the Subcontractors to talk about challenges for upcoming works, or raise any concerns about the expectations of our project.

Walking the floors onsite and speaking with the Subcontractors, you learn a lot and build good relationships. I find being onsite is one of the most important parts of my day. 

PROBUILD April Clark site visit

11.00 AM

Following the site walk I need to issue constant reminders to Subcontractors that require action. I also inform my line manager of any potential issues onsite. A lot of my work involves managing works and speaking with people - this is where building good relationships comes in.

In construction you can get many ‘curve balls’. As there are so many aspects all happening very quickly it is impossible to be across absolutely every detail. But that is what I find most exciting about construction - finding solutions to problems!

PROBUILD April Clark reminding subcontractors

12.00 PM

Lunch / errands / personal admin

I generally try to use this time wisely for personal admin as you don’t have much time outside of work to organise this.

12.45 PM

Return after lunch recharged and full.

Throughout the day checking my emails constantly is a must! However being able to focus on my work is one of my key priorities and turning off my email notifications can help immensely.

Head down, I am currently working on creating a tender package for the Design component of the Food and Beverage fitout in the Hotel, which is fast approaching. 

This involves creating a scope of works, which will be incorporated into the Consultant Agreement. This includes the design deliverables and what works we expect from engaging a consultant. I am required to issue the scope, relevant drawings, specifications and agreement to the market for interest.

PROBUILD April Clark after lunch work

3.00 PM

I set time aside to undertake a review of outstanding samples. As a Finishes Coordinator there are many samples throughout the building which are required to be approved by the Architect and Client. A lot of paper work and collecting physical samples is necessary. I enjoy the flexibility and variety in my day where I can work on something else given I meet the deadlines.

4.00 PM

Time for the weekly team meeting where we run through safety, quality, design, finance, procurement and program. We discuss key issues, milestones and ‘look ahead’ of works for required planning.

Workshops and actions develop out of the team meetings, to provide solutions and planning for upcoming works. It is a very collaborative and causal environment. We also have a ‘trophy of the week’, both for rewarding work and ridiculous mistakes. Staff members pass on the trophy to acknowledge either! We always end the meeting with a laugh. 

PROBUILD April Clark team meeting

5.00 PM

I finish up any outstanding work before I call it a day and head to the train station.

I rush off to Pilates/Yoga to mentally and physically recharge and relax. I find this balance essential!