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Perpetual / Fordham

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Ina Su

6.45 AM

My alarm goes off and I reluctantly roll out of bed (after hitting snooze a couple of times). I go about my morning routine and catch the 8.00 am train to Martin Place. From the station, it’s a 5-10 minute walk to the office at Angel Place.

A young professional

8.45 AM

I reach the office and take the lift to the 6th floor. On my way to the desk, I take a detour to the kitchen to grab a serve of fruit, before settling in and checking my emails and meetings for the day.

9.00 AM

The Sales & Product team has a brief stand-up meeting to go through each person’s key deliverables for the week, and any pressing matters that need to be flagged for attention. After the stand-up, I turn my attention to pulling together a presentation pack for the BWG (business working group) meeting I have later in the week.

10:00 AM

I head to Level 13 where the rest of Perpetual Corporate Trust resides and attend a meeting with a vendor for the technology project I am currently working on, which looks to implement a system solution to streamline and improve our current due diligence processes. During this meeting, we obtain status updates from all parties to ensure all deliverables are being executed on time and on budget in accordance to the project plan. I take note of all action items and circulate these after the meeting.

Young professionals in a meeting

11.00 AM

To mix things up a bit and break up the work, I turn my attention to a strategy paper I am also working on that explores various growth strategies for one of our business lines. This involves extensive analysis of the current business, and comprehensive research of the industry, to understand the revenue potential of new products that compliment the core.

12.15 PM

The lobby at Angel Place has a great seating area, so I Skype the other grads and some of us head downstairs to have some lunch and catch-up on how everyone’s week is going.

Two young professionals having coffee

1.30 PM

After responding to some emails, I go to a quick catch-up with the project sponsor and project owner to provide them with updates on how the technology project is tracking along, and any issues that need to be highlighted for discussion. From this discussion, it is clear that deadlines need to be revised and key deliverables re-evaluated to ensure timely delivery of the overall project.   

A young professional on her laptop

2.00 PM

With some time before my next meeting, I set to work on drafting a business process map outlining the current processes in place, and how the system solution will impact these processes. This is useful for identifying the current state and any inefficiencies and bottlenecks that exist in our processes that can be improved upon.

A young professional at her office desk

3.00 PM

In the graduate program we have many opportunities to work with other grads across Perpetual on initiatives for continuous improvement. As I am collaborating with another graduate to improve the onboarding process for new starters, we have weekly catch-ups to go over the work that each of us complete over the week, and provide any feedback we may have.

Two young professionals discussing something on a laptop

4.00 PM

I attend a meeting with my direct reporting manager to go over the priorities for the week and what I am currently working on. As the nature of the work is very dynamic, it is important to re-assess the priorities each week and delegate work according to these key priorities, to ensure deadlines are met in a timely manner. We will also often work together and support each other where required to ensure these various initiatives can be delivered on time.  

6.00 PM

After finishing off some tasks on my to-do list, responding to any outstanding emails, and checking my calendar to ensure I am well prepared for the next day, I pack up for the day and make my way home.

7.00 PM

Once home, I cook dinner with my partner and we rewind for the day watching a few of our favourite shows on Netflix before heading to bed.