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Perpetual / Fordham

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Harry Agnew

6.40 AM

After getting out of bed around 6:40, I’ll prepare for the day and try to leave home before 7.30. It’s a 15 minute walk along the foreshore to the Manly wharf, where I’ll catch a ferry that takes me to Circular Quay. Once I jump off the ferry, it’s less than a ten minute walk to the Pitt Street office.

8.30 AM

After arriving at Angel Place, I’ll head up to my desk on the 14th floor. Usually I’ll drop my lunch into one of the fridges before settling in. I take time to check emails, read industry news and take note of any upcoming tasks or meetings for the day.

Harry arriving at work and dropping lunch inside fridge

9.00 AM

There’s some time before a team catch-up at 10am, so I’ll continue working on collating some performance data on industry competitors as part of a fund sector review. This will help provide a benchmark against our own investment capabilities as part of a quarterly review.

Harry checking emails

10.00 AM

My team has a quick catch-up to identify some of the critical pieces of work that must be completed over the next week. One project involves a broader team which includes both internal and external parties, examining growth opportunities for the business. There are a few items work we each need to prepare before an upcoming meeting related to the project.

Harry during catch up with Team

11.00 AM

To switch up the scenery a little, I head downstairs to the lobby and grab a coffee and sit in some of the quiet pods, available for use for all tenants of the building, to complete some work. I’m assisting with putting together a presentation related to strategic objectives of a fund. It takes some time to put together the data and prepare a draft for discussion later in the week.

Harry working in the quiet pods downstairs

1.00 PM

A member from the People and Culture team and I meet up to discuss my next rotation within the graduate program. We reflect upon some of the recent work I’ve completed within my current team and identify how the next rotation may help further develop a few different skillsets. It is also an opportunity to check in with any concerns or questions I have about the graduate program and work in general as well as to speak about some post-graduate study I’m currently completing which Perpetual is supporting.

Harry's catch up with Tamara from People and Culture

1.30 PM

The sun’s out and I’m keen to get some fresh air, so I head down near Martin Place to catch up with a friend for lunch. There’s plenty of choices for places to eat, with numerous food courts within walking distance from the office. Today I’ve stuck with some leftovers from the night before.

2.30 PM

I head back to the office to review some material for an upcoming Diversity Council working group. We’ve recently held events in the office celebrating Pride Day and Harmony Day. Being a member on the council allows me to work alongside colleagues from all over the business, help drive and implement various meaningful changes supporting diversity and inclusion within Perpetual.

3.30 PM

I head with my manager and another graduate for a training session to discuss key themes and changes to the industry and how it may impact various services we provide. Similar sessions are held in various formats each quarter to help keep us informed on what’s happening in the market and how the business is performing against competitors.

Harry at a training session with Manager and fellow graduate

4.30 PM

There are a few loose ends to chase up, I respond to a few emails and tidy up a presentation with some new data a member of the Investment Operations team has sent through, for a paper my manager will be presenting to an investment committee next week. I’ve also got some time to log a request annual leave for an upcoming trip I’m planning.

Harry tidying up a presentation in his computer_0

5.40 PM

I’m looking forward to a swim back home whilst there’s still light (and before Daylight Savings ends!) so I wrap up for the day and start my journey home.