Updating Results

Catherine Figgis

6.30 AM

Wake up and get ready for the busy day ahead

7.00 AM

First stop, the gym. Fit in a quick 30-minute session and then jog into the office.

8.00 AM

Arrive at the office and take advantage of the onsite shower and bathroom facilities to get ready for work.

8.30 AM

Before heading to my desk I grab a coffee and make my breakfast. With toast, cereal and fruit available decision making start early. Today I go with toast with butter and vegemite.

Dayinlife_NDY_Catherine1_838x484_2018 COFFEE

8.45 AM

Now I’m fully fuelled I get ready for a busy day of kicking goals. First tasks are checking emails, prioritising my day and reviewing and updating my to-do list.

Once I’ve prepared myself I open Revit and get stuck into modelling hydraulic systems for one of my key clients.

Dayinlife_NDY_838x484_2018 Catherine's Desk

10.30 AM

By mid morning having knocked off a few items on the to-do list I’m feeling a bit peckish so head to the recharge space to take advantage of the free fruit.

Dayinlife_NDY_Catherine2_838x484_2018 Banana

12.00 PM

The graduate community at NDY is vibrant and we regularly catch-up. Today I’m heading out with a couple of colleagues for a quick walk to our favourite lunch haunt. Salad sandwich for me!

1.30 PM

After lunch I head offsite with a Director for a coffee catch up with an industry partner. We’re exploring the potential to submit a joint proposal for a new project.

The meeting goes well and we agree to work together to try and win the project and next steps.

Looks like I’ve just added a few more items to my to-do list. 

Dayinlife_NDY_Catherine4_2018 COFFEE 2

3.00 PM

Arrive onsite for a meeting with a new client who is looking to upgrade the hot water system for a large commercial building in the Melbourne CBD.

I get an opportunity to examine the existing equipment and layout and the cogs are already turning.

I have to think about how to get old equipment out and new equipment in without disrupting the hot water supply to the building. The building is a 5 star hotel so can imagine a lot of complaints if the patrons are subjected to cold showers! The client is also interested in reducing the carbon footprint of the building so I will have to consider this in my design. 

Dayinlife_NDY_Catherine5_838x484_2018 MACHINERY

Before heading back to the office I couldn’t help but sneak a look at the incredible view from the building we will be working to improve. It’s funny how plant equipment often have the best views.

Dayinlife_NDY_Catherine3_838x484_2018 VIEW FROM OFFICE

5.30 PM

After sending a few emails it is time to wrap up and head home. I stand on the train station having the dreaded ‘what’s for dinner’ conversation in my head and get a text from my housemates telling me they’re cooking for me (not all heroes wear capes).  Usually I’ll pop past the supermarket to pick up supplies for dinner on my way home.

6.45 PM

Arriving home I’m served up a delicious ratatouille made from our own home grown vegies. After a debrief about a successful day we unwind in front of the tellie. Mindhunter is on the cards tonight.