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Tazri Khan

I enjoy the opportunity to have both technical and business aspects to my job, and the learning opportunities provided at NAB in general. 

Where did you grow up? 

I went to school in Bangladesh, a university in the UK. I worked part-time at university as an International Office Ambassador and International Engineering Ambassador and worked full time in Australia.

How did you get to your current job position? 

I got into Technology at NAB through the graduate program. My previous rotation was in Security Operations, my current rotation is less specific but at present, I am under Business Management and Transformation in Security. I have been in this role since October 2018.

What does your employer do?

The area I am in looks at the business and strategy side of Technology. The function consists of financials, long term strategy and management of other areas in enterprise security.

What are your areas of responsibility?

I assist with the compilation of reports from other areas of security for management and board and contribute to the design of the strategy for process improvements.

Can you describe a typical workday?

Within the current project, it would consist of monitoring reports and gathering insights to assist with improvements in the overall function of different divisions within Security.

Suppose a student was considering your career. What would you advise them to study? 

It would be difficult to advise as the technology landscape is constantly changing, and requires ongoing learning. Familiarity with systems, the concept of programming languages, statistical analysis, designing solutions, and knowing the future of technology is always useful. It is good to be able to present ideas effectively and liaise with different teams. To pursue a career in security it may be worthwhile to gain early experience within a Security Operations Centre which would provide an overall picture.

What sort of person succeeds in your career? 

I think anyone with an analytical background who is open to new ideas and has the willingness and ability to learn could succeed in this career path. It also helps to be able to get along with your colleagues!

What do you love the most about your job? 

I enjoy the opportunity to have both technical and business aspects to my job, and the learning opportunities provided at NAB in general. 

What’s the biggest limitation of your job? 

Work can sometimes be repetitive – however, I think that would be an aspect of most if not all jobs!

What would your career be if you weren’t doing what you’re doing now? 

That is difficult to say – I could be working either in a similar role within NAB but in Sydney and in the banking area perhaps, or I could be working in Bangladesh even!

Which three pieces of advice would you give to a current university student? 

My best advice would be to be open to opportunities and networking, having a balance between grades and activities outside academia, and making time to pursue things you enjoy outside your career/university.