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How coronavirus transformed our use of technology

To operate in a evolving 'new normal' many businesses have leapt forward significantly in just 2 months in their use of digital resources. How have our working lives transformed & what does the future hold now we’ve adapted so much, so quickly?

Event Details

Thu 30 Jul 2020, 4:30pm AEST | 6:30pm NZST
Thu 30 Jul 2020, 6:00pm AEST | 8:00pm NZST

What's it all about?

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted the global economy and as a result, traditional operations have been transformed. New Zealand's lockdown saw local businesses rushing to adapt to a constantly evolving 'new normal' and finding ways to maintain operations in the face of unprecedented restrictions.

The basis of this has been technology. Many businesses have leapt forward significantly in just two months in their use of digital resources. We've shared, sold, automated, streamlined and connected in ways that, as we began 2020, would have been out of the reach of many organisations.

This rapid adoption of technology was seen across numerous business sectors, and users are not planning on slowing down now. Online shopping is on the rise – couriers are getting 200 parcels per minute – work from home is finally the new norm, and technology may even hold the key to halting the spread of the virus. As Paul Conway, from BNZ said, "Courtesy of the lockdown, we are also having a crash course in going digital, giving us a glimpse of its potential to make life a little easier."

Speakers include:

  • Grant McIvor, MYOB Head of Delivery Enterprise
  • Priti Ambani, Director of Innovation, Tech Future Labs
  • John Flackett, AI Specialist in Residence, AUT and Head & Co-founder, AiLab
  • Abby Thompson, MYOB Protégé Developer