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Sebastian Lax

6.45 AM

I wake up, have a shower and get dressed.  I then catch the bus down to the ferry and catch the ferry into Circular Quay. 

7.30 AM

The ferry pulls in and as a typical millennial, I order my coffee through an app as I arrive and pick it up on the way to Mirvac’s head office at 200 George Street. 

8.30 AM

My first meeting of the day is a one-on-one with the Assistant Development Manager. One of my roles is to take the minutes for our weekly Project Coordination meeting. This is a meeting that brings together our Development team, the Architects, our Services Coordinators, Project Managers and Site Engineers.  This is an important meeting as there are representatives from five divisions of the project and so the minutes’ need to be 100 per cent accurate before being issued. For this reason, we review every action point in detail. This creates an accurate reference document should any questions or disputes arise in the future.  It also gives me a great opportunity to ask any questions I may have about what was being discussed during the meeting and the plan for the week ahead.

9.30 AM

The development team that I’m in, then meet with an external urban planning consultant who has come in to discuss the best corporate practice required to submit a set of documents to the Department of Planning. We get some good advice on this aspect.

10.30 AM

After a short break, the team go downstairs to level 26 to have a WIP (Works in progress) meeting with the sales and marketing team. During this meeting we discuss any new project-specific marketing material, discuss our sales rates and any upcoming PR events. It is a good focused meeting for me as it allows me to plan dates for my own diary. 

12.00 PM

I sit down, check my emails and book a GoGet car as the team are driving out to Riverwood this afternoon to check out a prototype of the modular bathroom pods that we will be using in our development.

1.00 PM

I go down to the carpark to get the car and then pick my team up outside our office. 

2.00 PM

I am the designated driver and my team are the 4 self-appointed backseat drivers. We eventually get to the warehouse, where we meet up with the construction team and discuss any issues that could potentially arise during the installation and quality control process. Overall, we are impressed with the pod bathrooms, they look fantastic and have an amazing high-quality finish.  

3.00 PM

We then all hop back in the car as we now need to go and sign off on the tile samples in our display suite. 

4.00 PM

After a lengthy discussion, we come to a consensus and the tiles are signed off.  We then head back to the city. 

5.00 PM

I finally sit down at my desk and do some of my more day to day tasks that need doing (paying invoices, following up consultants, tracking sales rates). It is good to deal with these smaller things as otherwise they can build up. 

6.00 PM

I start packing up my desk.  We have a hot-desking office policy so every night and I need to put all my stuff away into my locker, as tomorrow I will most likely be at a completely different desk. I then head to wharf. 

6.15 PM

Get the ferry home.

7.00 PM

Go to the gym after work

8.00 PM


9.30 PM