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Georgia Tarlinton

6.45 AM 

My alarm blasts for a second time hurrying me to get dressed and ready for my day. I always pick out my clothes for the day the night before to save me time in the mornings. Slowly but surely, I begin rushing around and I grab my lunch and my work bag before jumping into my car, selecting a podcast and beginning my routine drive to our Mulgrave head office. 

8.30 AM 

I arrive at work and start my day by greeting my team – the best team ever, good morning. Once the whole team has arrived for the day, we all head to the coffee room and have a chat before heading back to our desks to settle in. 

8.45 AM

Once back at my desk, my workday begins with checking my emails for anything urgent that’s come through late overnight as well as my team’s shared inbox. Our Retailers frequently contact us on this inbox for any Customer Services related topics such as communications bulletins and ad approvals.  Once both my inbox and the shared inbox are under control, I begin working through my checklist of tasks that I wrote the night before which need to be done first thing. 

Mercedes-Benz Australia Graduate Georgia Tarlinton working

9.15 AM 

I’m back in the car and off to a brand tone workshop at one of our marketing agencies in Southbank. The workshop runs for just under two hours and covers the dynamic shift in Mercedes-Benz Australia’s brand tonality as we move forward into the future and target our transitioning target customers. Our agency presents the progress Mercedes-Benz has made by displaying the change between previous and current marketing campaigns that we’re running. 

Mercedes-Benz Australia Graduate Georgia Tarlinton driving

11.30 PM

The workshop has finished, and I’m in the car again and on my way back to the office for the rest of the day. 

12.00 PM

Grabbing my lunch from the fridge, I head down to our cafeteria to meet some of the other IBLs. We meet for lunch mostly every day and chat about exciting opportunities we’re managing or different projects we’re working on in our individual teams. The IBLs have formed a community of sorts at work and it’s a positive group of people to turn to for support or a laugh. I’m thankful to have this group of friends at work, especially since we’re all experiencing similar challenges. 

Mercedes-Benz Australia Graduate Georgia Tarlinton meeting

1.00 PM 

I’m back at my desk and catching up on emails and tasks received this morning. During this time I’ll start working on and updating the projects and campaigns I’m working on. Usually, I’m working on multiple projects at once which makes prioritising a key skill in my role. Currently one of the main projects I’m working on is a national Warranty seminar for our Retailers.  This involves coordinating with agencies to book venues, catering and managing invites and producing marketing collateral for the event such as pull up banners and branded gifts for the attendees. 

3.00 PM 

It’s nearing the end of my day and I’m off to meet with a new Marketing Manager from one of our Retailers to welcome them and give an overview of what Head Office Customer Services team does and our targets for the calendar year. 

3.45 PM 

After my meeting ends, I head over to a green pod to chat with a team member about replacing obsolete links with new ones in our retailer website.  We’ve recently digitalised our service booking forms to Online Appointment Booking and so part of my job is to ensure all links are updated with the new booking service link. We decide the most efficient way to update the links is to split the retailer base (approx 60) between the two of us and work through these.  Teamwork! 

Mercedes-Benz Australia Graduate Georgia Tarlinton coffee

5.15 PM 

I end my day by writing down the first few things I need to do once I get in the next morning and saying my farewells to the team before heading out the door.  For the next few days I’ve got a complimentary lease car to enjoy test driving which is a pretty exciting work perk that we get to enjoy twice a year. I jump in the car in time to head to the gym (hopefully!) or home for the night, ready to do it all again tomorrow! 

Mercedes-Benz Australia Graduate Georgia Tarlinton parking