Updating Results

Heidi Van Der Griend

7.30 AM 

I usually start my mornings with some breakfast before I get dressed. I quickly check my meetings for the day in order to determine what I should wear. Smart casual is my go-to.  

8.00 AM

Time to head into the office. I catch the train 2 stops and go for a lovely stroll down to the building. The office is on the 25th floor, so I head up to get the day started. Meltwater is a flexible workspace, and my team generally arrives in the next half hour. We catch up for a bit before it gets busy. But first: coffee! 

Meltwater Graduate - Young female professional standing on the reception area

8.30 AM

I get things ready for the day ahead, checking my meetings and looking at the agenda in order to organize my time.

8.45 AM

It's time for our team's board update. We do this every day to see what everyone's doing in the day and where everyone is with their deliverables, which will give you an indication of how busy it's going to be. I also check if there's a manager available to join my meeting this afternoon.  

9.00 AM

I'm the most productive during the morning so I usually try to get as much as possible done before noon, starting with calling potential clients. Before I make the calls I make sure I am prepared for them. I do so by finding the specific value proposition for that company, as well as finding something completely unique for their company and if we work with any similar companies in that business.  

9.30 AM

It's time to make the first call of the day. This is always a bit nerve-racking, you never know who will be on the other line, if they will pick up or if they are interested in what we do. You have to be persistent since a lot of the people picking up are about to step into a meeting or you have reached the wrong person at the company. Luckily, he picks up and I have a moment to go through my pitch. We decide to book a meeting for the following week. 

10.45 AM 

After calling companies fo a couple of hours it is time for a meeting with a potential client. I generally go to their office and bring one of the managers along, which is the case today. I have some time before we leave so I prepare and make sure I know my background, why I called the company in the first place, what their needs are and what they are interested in. I get in the Uber and brief my manager on the way there, making sure he's up to date as well.

11.00 AM

As I walk into the office my nerves are starting to show and I do not know what to expect. Who will be on the other side of the room? Will they like what I am presenting? Have I prepared myself enough to give them the right solution to their issues? The marketing manager walks in and as soon as we start I feel like I get into the flow of it. We do a needs analysis and look at how the media fits into their scope of the business in order to determine the best solution for their specific needs. They specified that they really wanted to get in touch with journalists, so I go through a demo showing our journalist outreach tool and how they can use it. In addition to that, I also show them our media monitoring program, searching for their company name and demonstrate how other companies in the same vertical use it. 

Meltwater Graduate - Young female professional meeting with her client

The meeting goes really well, and after finding out what they expect from us we agree to have a follow up in a couple of days. I walk out of the meeting feeling excited and happy they appreciated the work I put into this. 

12.00 PM

Back at the office, I do a bit of admin, where I go into our system and write down the notes from the meeting. I sit down briefly with the manager to discuss the outcome of the meeting. I schedule the catch-up call for next week, to see if it is a go ahead. 

1.00 PM

Time for lunch! I usually go down the road to the food court and get myself a salad. I like to eat lunch in the fresh air, it's so healthy for the mind!  

2.00 PM

In order to find companies who are in need of our products, I spend my afternoon prospecting potential clients. Our monitoring tool is what I generally use to scope out companies who have been talked about this past week. By doing this, I can quickly see if they would benefit from using our products, and look up who to contact. I try to find at least 5 new companies a day. Back from lunch I also try to reach some of the people I couldn't get a hold of this morning. I call between 30-60 people a day so sometimes you have to try multiple times. A few more pick up and we book meetings for next week.

Meltwater Graduate - Young female professional writing on the board.

3.30 PM

It's go time. I have a phone meeting booked with a client who is ready to sign a deal if everything goes well, so I prepare the contract and call them up. The meeting goes really well and they are eager to sign the deal. As soon as a deal goes through at the office we have a big bell that we ring, so after the call ends I turn up the music, walk up to the bell and ring it. It's the best feeling ringing that bell, the office instantly pauses whatever they're doing! Walking through a tunnel of high fives on the way back, I feel ecstatic that the deal went through. I give the team the story about the deal and make sure to celebrate!

4.00 PM

I catch up a bit with my friends at the office. After the celebrations, I sit down to send out some proposals from previous meetings. I produce customized slides to send to the people who attended and make sure all of the key points are included in the proposal.

4.30 PM 

I listen in to one of my colleagues' phone meetings in order to pick up on some new tricks and pick out what techniques I can bring with me to my own meetings. This is really helpful especially when you start out here, and I always pick up on something I didn't know or haven't thought about during these calls.

5.00 PM 

Every Friday, we do a round-up with the team. We go around the table and tell everyone our highlight of the week as well as what we are looking forward to next week. This week's highlight is definitely signing the deal this afternoon! I usually stick around for a few minutes after to socialize and hang out with the team.  

5.30 PM 

Time for the weekend!