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McConnell Dowell

  • 500 - 1,000 employees

Sarah Schraven

6.30 AM


6.45 AM

I wake up and get ready for the day and I take my dog for a short walk around the neighbourhood. I have a quick breakfast before I leave the house, because I’m running a bit behind time this morning, I make myself a piece of toast to eat in the car.

8.00 AM

I hop in my car and drive to work, I’m lucky it’s only a short 10-minute commute to work, I take this time to listen to my favourite podcast.

8.15 AM

I arrive at my desk, first things first. Coffee! There’re usually a few other employees grabbing a coffee, I take this opportunity to catch up with my colleagues and get to know them better.

8.25 AM

I log into my computer and check emails. I respond to any queries and check my calendar for any meeting I have on for the day. It is currently mid-year reviews, so queries are coming through regarding this topic.

McConnell Dowell Sarah office desk with a PC and laptop

9.00 AM

I have been working on the task of updating one of our website pages. I gather some documents together before my meeting where I will be filming a video about our Graduate program to be put onto our website.

9.30 AM

We set up the room with a backdrop and do a few test runs to ensure the lighting and positioning is correct, and then filming starts. We have prepared questions to ask the Managing director, Human Resource Manager of Australia and a few of the Graduates.

We got some great takes! The Strategy and Marketing Manager takes the footage to be edited and put together.

Three young professionals setting up a meeting room.

11.00 AM

Before heading to lunch I have some reference checks to complete. I call the referee’s listed and take notes. All the reference checks were positive, so I send them off to my Manager for them to view and gather all information together to get approval for the candidate to be offered the position.

12.30 PM

Lunch Time. Today I’ve brought lunch from home, so I sit in our lunch room with some other Graduates and colleagues.

1.30 PM

We have had an approval for recruitment come through. This means we are ready to offer a candidate a position. I fill out some information in our system that will help me generate a contract. Once this is done, I thoroughly check over the contract to ensure no important information is missing and all the details are correct, I also attach relevant documents such as superannuation and tax forms for the applicant to fill out. I then send the Offer of Employment.

2.00 PM

Today we have a site visit to do, this visit is to roll out our values program. The values program is a way employee’s can recognise fellow team members for living our values and purpose. We do a quick presentation to the site team and answer some questions they have.

3.30 PM

While we are on site, we also get taken around to have a look at how things are progressing on the marine site. It’s a great opportunity as a graduate to ask questions and see how things operate on the project site.

A young professional on a field work on site

5.30 PM

I arrive home. I cook some dinner and take my dog for a long walk. Once I get back, I melt into the couch and watch some Netflix.

9.30 PM

Time to head to bed before another big day at the office tomorrow!