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Culture at L'Oréal

8.1 rating for Culture, based on 10 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Structure of work is awesome - whether you're a grad/manager or man com everyone is equal and works together Culture for me personally is awesome both inside and outside of workplace, have made some awesome friendships
Graduate, Melbourne
Very flat structure, with hierarchy only being there for budgetary sign-off etc. A huge focus of cooperation, collaboration and teamwork, everyone works closely and well together, a lot of respect within the company socialising is encouraged in and outside of work, I enjoy spending time at work and then catching up with fellow grads after hours
Graduate, Melbourne
Very social and extraverted environment. Tasks are often collaborative so employees are required to have strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders to drive projects end to end. The environment can be competitive however everyone wants to see each other succeed and achieve their potential. Outside of work colleagues tend to socialize in their own groups. The hierarchy and positions are very clear however communication and collaborating with team members at multiple levels is very common.
Midlevel, Melbourne
High level of cooperation and friendliness, highly social, requirement to be collaborative to complete tasks. Pressure to stay overtime and work long hours/stressful time frame for work
Graduate, Melbourne
Awesome culture - we are not a super corporate environment, fairly relaxed, our dress code is pretty non-existent (we are encouraged to get our hair coloured in our academy crazy colours!) We work on an extremely flat structure, which is awesome being a grad - from day one we are given so much opportunity, I'm only a grad and I work closely with our CFO We have a lot of social events (we have multiple Christmas parties), as a Grad cohort we have our own learning weeks/events as well
Graduate, Melbourne
People are great and really make the workplace. Sometimes it can be a bit competitive but I am sure every workplace can be like that at times.
Graduate, Melbourne