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Victoria's Big Build (Major Transport Infrastructure Authority)

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Miko Morell

7:30 AM

Having never been a morning person, an easy 7.30am alarm is a welcome compared to the old 4.30am start for swimming training. Eventually after a few indulging snoozes my well titled “Time to roll out” alarm becomes true. A quick shower, outfit is something casual but work appropriate and a quick banana on the way out of the front door. 

8:25 AM

Training from Richmond gives me the benefit of a minimal thirty-minute transit to the only high rise for as far as the eye can see in the culturally diverse Footscray.  Stroll in; make tea in my all-time favourite batman mug (I’m a big advocate for personalised mugs in the office) and time to work out what’s on the agenda for the day. Meetings; meetings; document writing and meetings. Right, let’s go! 

9:00 AM

We are off rolling with a fortnightly interface meeting with our transport stakeholders. Business as usual, updating each other on the status of various standards and requirements that need clarification as well as chasing up the progress of agenda items that require completion.

Hour and a half later and my tea is now cold. No good. Time for a refill and straight into another meeting.

10:30 AM

Risk and Opportunities review. In here we discuss any and every potential risk listed on a spreadsheet that could be associated with the project, long and tedious but very necessary. If we deem the risk not applicable, great! That’s one less to deal with; the other side results in developing and deciding on a risk mitigation to reduce the severity of the occurrence. 

1:00 PM

Two and a half hours later and I need to refuel. Footscray having a plethora of cuisines; Vietnamese, Western, African, Italian, the food world is your oyster. The market shouldn’t be passed off either, especially if you want a great buy of meats and cheeses and breads to come back to the office and make a cheeky toastie. Today lunch is sitting at my desk whilst making some last-minute changes to an Alliance document nearly ready for submission to our client company LXRA, but usually it’s in the kitchen area with others from the office or outside if the weather is nice. 

2:00 PM

Being an LXRA graduate, there are some meetings I need to attend in the head office located on Exhibition street in the city. So, time to pack up my Alliance office and jump on the train to leg it to 121 Exhibition street.

It’s always fun getting together with the other graduates to chat with them about how their rotation is going and what they are learning and who they are interacting with. This carries me through to the end of the day.

5:30 PM

It’s a nice stroll out of the office at 5:30pm. It being still reasonably early, there is still time for other activities like a quick skate or gym class or grocery shop but tonight it’s a wrap with a cheeky wine or two on route home with a couple of the grads.