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Victoria's Big Build (Major Transport Infrastructure Authority)

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

David Eude

5.45 AM

We’re up now time for a quick brekky!

6.15 AM

Early morning gym session! 

7.15 AM

Energised and awake from the gym, now time to get home, shower and head to work. The location of work (could be at the head office or site office) depends each day so gym duration and travel times vary. 

8.45 AM

Get a morning coffee – an essential for any successful day!

9.00 AM

Set up for the day ahead by running through emails, setting out the daily schedule and briefly liaising with internal and external stakeholders. 

9.30 AM

Morning meeting with my direct team which include the commercial and legal divisions of the alliance. The meetings analyse the general progression of the Commercial/Legal team within the business the Southern Program Alliance (SPA). The team recognises achievements of individuals, identifies obstacles and sets future goals. My objective within this meeting is to shadow my manager and learn how to contribute effectively within a cohesive team.

10.30 AM

The package I have been placed in has just past the procurement stage and entered the delivery phase and the alliance are getting ready for construction. One of my responsibilities is preparing the alliance for the construction on the Initial Works Package, by ensuring all the management plans (such as Design and Engineering Management Plans and Traffic Management Plans) submitted and suitably designed in accordance with LXRA’s expectations and policies. This involves delegating the plans to senior staff to review the plans and provide feedback to the alliance. Once the plans have reached the satisfaction of LXRA, construction on site can begin!

12.00 PM

Have a quick lunch prior to heading to ‘The Big Meet’. 

12.30 PM

There are many opportunities to be a part of networking events and recruitment campaigns. However, this one was the most memorable as it enabled me to express the legacy I am creating by being a part of LXRA.

David with his colleagues

3.30 PM

Continue smashing out the to-do list and ensuring the plans are up to date which enables the project to remain on schedule. In addition, review the budget proposed by the alliance for each month and ensure the project is on budget and on time. Co-host internal team meetings as it’s a long-term goal for this rotation to host meetings amongst directors and contribute to the Commercial/Legal team. 

David writing in the board

5.00 PM

Review to do list, turn off laptop and head home.

6.30 PM

Tennis! No better way to spend summer and autumn after work.

8.00 PM


Looks like tonight is Mexican!

10.00 PM

Head to bed, jump on Netflix and get ready for tomorrow.