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Melissa Paterniti

6.20 AM

My alarm goes off and I automatically hit snooze. As much as I wish I was, I’m not a morning person! A couple of snoozes later, I force myself to leave my bed and I jump into the shower. I then go through my morning routine – I get dressed (hopefully I’ve ironed my clothes the night before, today I thankfully have) and do my hair and make-up. Once I’m ready, I make my breakfast.

7.15 AM

I leave home, drive to the train station and jump on the train into the city. I’m very thankful that usually I only have a short 20-minute drive into Landgate’s Midland office (with free parking available close by the building), which means that I can leave home as late as 8.00am and be at my desk by 8.30am. However today is a bit more exciting, I’m attending a half-day event run by the Public Sector Commission’s Graduate Development Program. Once I arrive in the CBD, I make my way to Dumas House in West Perth by catching the red CAT bus.

8.30 AM

I arrive at Dumas House and meet the rest of the Graduate Cohort outside. Participating in the Public Sector Commission’s Graduate Development Program has been a highlight for me. We have modules to complete throughout the year by attending workshops where we get to learn and develop a wide range of skills. We also have the opportunity to learn about other agencies by attending presentations from public sector employees and agency visits. Today we are attending the first of two agency visits that have been arranged for us – we are heading to the new Perth Children’s Hospital.

8.45 AM

We arrive at Perth Children’s Hospital and I’m immediately blown away when we walk through the doors! We are welcomed into the auditorium and listen to a presentation from the Executive Director of Health Service Management, the Co-Director of Medical Services, the Co-Director of Surgical Services and also receive an address from the Chief Executive. We then split into smaller groups and are taken on a tour of the hospital.

Perth Children's Hospital

12.30 PM

Our visit to Perth Children’s Hospital concludes and we catch the bus back to Dumas House. From there I get the red CAT bus to Perth Station and get onto the train to head into Midland. On the train, I check my work emails on my phone and see that I have a new email from my mentor regarding scheduling our next catch-up.

Melissa's tour at Perth Children's Hospital

1.30 PM

My train arrives at Midland station and I have a short 10-minute walk to the office. I walk through the front entrance to the building, then stop into the café’ which is located next to Landgate’s reception area. I order a chicken wrap, but they have a range of lunch options to choose from. Since I’ve been out of the office this morning, I decide I’ll just eat at my desk today. 

Melissa walking through the entrance of the Landgate building

1.45 PM

I arrive at my desk and say hello to my colleagues. I’m currently working within the Legislation and Policy team and we are located on Level one of the building in an open plan office. I log onto my computer and open Outlook, then glance over my to-do list. My manager sits in the desk just across from me, so I also check in with him to see if there are any additional tasks that have come up for me to work on. My manager sends me a document to review so I complete that first and then send it back to him.

Melissa on her desk

2.15 PM

I then move onto a task from the Change Manager for the Strata Reforms Project. This is one of the major projects for my team currently and I have been assisting with some of the tasks associated with the communication and education of the reforms. The Change Manager has requested that I review and provide feedback on the communication and education plan for the next six months that she has created. I read and make the required edits to the document and then respond to her email with my feedback and recommendations

2.45 PM

Once I’ve ticked that off my list, I move on to typing up the action items that arose from yesterday’s team meeting. We have a weekly meeting where all team members discuss the action items arising from the previous week and provide an update of their current work. At the meeting, I record the minutes and I also have the opportunity to provide any necessary updates to the team. Once I’ve typed up the action items, I update the agenda for next week’s meeting and save both documents in the appropriate folder.

3.00 PM

I then go down to the heart of Landgate for a quick catch up with a couple of the other grads - I tell them about how great the visit to Perth Children’s Hospital was and we also have a chat about the article that one of them is writing for Landgate’s Intranet about our experience as grads so far.

Melissa catching up with fellow graduates

3.15 PM

I return to my desk and move onto another task that I’m currently assisting with, this being the submission for the changes to Landgate’s fees for the 2019/20 financial year. I have been responsible for preparing a range of documents such as the briefing note for the Minister and an explanatory note to obtain the required approvals. I’m now required to prepare a set of documents and correspondence for the next phase, so I begin to work on these. I draft a letter for the relevant committee, prepare a briefing note for the Minister and draft an explanatory memorandum. I will need to have these documents reviewed by my manager, so I save them in the relevant folder and print them in anticipation for our upcoming meeting.

Melissa printing documents for an upcoming meeting

5.00 PM

By this time, I get ready to leave for the day. I update my to-do-list, shut down my computer and tidy my desk. Although today I mostly spent it out of the office, tomorrow I have a quieter day, with only one meeting currently scheduled. I grab my bag, say goodbye to my colleagues and leave the office. I then walk to the train station to catch my train home.

5.45 PM

Once I arrive home, I get changed into my gym gear and make it to the gym in time for the 6.00pm spin class which runs for 50 minutes. Once I’m home from the gym, have showered and changed into some comfy clothes, I prepare dinner. I cook a bit extra, so I have enough to bring for lunch tomorrow.  

10.30 PM

After a good few hours of watching Netflix, I decided to call it a night and get into bed to get some sleep before another day as a Landgate Graduate begins.