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Giselle Kilner-Parmenter

6.10 AM

I have always been quite the morning person and like to get up around the same time each day. I take the time in the mornings to either squeeze in some exercise or read a book, depending on what I am feeling. After I have gotten ready for my day, I join my two lovely housemates (and housedog!) for a morning chat and some breakfast before starting my 25-minute drive to work.

A dog on a mat

7.55 AM

Fortunately, there is rarely any traffic along the route I drive, and I use the time to listen to some music (by listen, I definitely mean sing along). I get into the office at 8.30 am after a 10-minute walk from the carpark. Landgate offers free parking for employees which is a perk and the walk is a nice way to get a bit of fresh air. I begin my day by saying good morning to my colleagues, before checking my emails and calendar to see what I have on for the day. I also like to have a look on INK (Landgate’s intranet site) to see any news updates in relation to the business.

A young professional walking towards Landgate's office

9.00 AM

After responding to my emails and settling in for the morning, I update my tasks list. I am completing my first rotation in People and Culture and primarily working on developing Landgate’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). I really enjoy this project and have been given the opportunity to research and draft the document, which has been a fantastic learning experience. The rotations throughout our graduate program are a great way to see different aspects of the business, meet new people and gain new skills. Our graduate coordinator works closely with us to plan our rotations, aligning it with our interests and our degree. I will be joining Legal Services next and our graduate coordinator has connected me with the people I will be working with in my next rotation, to ensure a smooth transition.  

A young professional doing a presentation

11.00 AM

I have a weekly catch up with my manager to check in and discuss any priorities, challenges or issues that I may be experiencing. It is a nice opportunity to talk about how I am going and whether my manager has anything else for me to complete or help out with. Following this meeting, I have a bit more clarity around another task I have been assigned, which is researching whether a Peer Support Program would be effective at Landgate. We have a number of existing wellness initiatives, inclusive of on-site fitness classes and the employee assistance program, which is available to all employees and their eligible family members.

11.45 AM

I collate the notes I took around the Peer Support task and I start researching. I am going to write a research paper that will be presented to the Director of People and Culture and potentially the Landgate Board for consideration.

12.30 PM

For my 30-minute lunch break, I sit outside in the Landgate garden area. It’s a great spot to get some fresh air throughout the day and is quite sociable. I usually catch up with the three other grads during this time, which is a nice way to have a chat and get to know each other. Catching up with the other grads regularly, builds a great friendship and support network which I really appreciate since recently moving from Queensland to Perth.

A group of young professional having lunch

1.00 PM

When I return to my desk, we have a daily stand-up meeting with our area of the office to hear about any updates on the development of COVID-19 and how this is affecting our business. Landgate has been very accommodating for people who need to work from home during this time, however, I also quite like having the opportunity to still come into the office throughout the day.

1.30 PM

I send an email to my mentor to arrange a time to meet up throughout this week. We try and catch up regularly, whether that be weekly or fortnightly. Having a mentor within the business is a great opportunity to receive support and guidance from someone who has experience in the legal profession. I always look forward to catching up with my mentor and take the opportunity to learn from their experience, perspective and any advice they can provide.

I get back to doing some of the work I have been assigned. I check over my tasks in Outlook, where I keep a list of everything I have on my radar. I find it easy to keep track of upcoming deadlines and can cross tasks off my list when I have completed them. I decide to keep working on the Peer Support task I was doing this morning. I found several relevant sources during my research, so I start writing the introduction of my paper.

A young professional in her office station

3.00 PM

I have received a response to an email I sent yesterday in relation to the RAP so I save the Peer Support work and shift my focus to the RAP. Working on the RAP has required me to contact a number of people throughout the business, as well as external stakeholders. It is a task that I am able to pick up and put down whilst I wait for the relevant responses.

4.30 PM

Landgate encourages and facilitates flexible work hours for employees so it is nice being able to align my work hours with my lifestyle or any other commitments I may have. I try and file all my emails at the end of the day into relevant folders so tomorrow when I come in, I have a fresh and tidy inbox. I log my timesheet, pack up my desk and say goodbye to my colleagues for the day.

Young professionals infront of their office building

5.10 PM

Traffic is usually a little heaver in the afternoon, so I get home a bit later. I either like to go for a walk or run around my area, do a few jobs around the house or facetime friends and family. I have a shower, make my dinner and pack my lunch for the next day. I set up my workspace to do a bit of study as I have weekly assignments to complete for a university course I am doing. Following a bit of study (and a lot of procrastination), I sit down with my housemates. We will debrief about our day and watch some Netflix or a Disney movie (these are real favourites in our household). It’s nice to unwind, reflect and prepare for tomorrow to be something completely different.