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Darrian Low

6.30 AM

The alarm clock next to me rings. I immediately turn it off and go back to sleep.

6.40 AM

My phone alarm rings but my phone is in the bathroom (I had deliberately placed it there the night before). I force myself to get up and walk the 10-metre distance to the bathroom to turn off the first alarm for 6.40 am and cancel the next four alarms for 6.45 am 7.00 am, 7.15 am and 7.30 am. This strategy of waking up has never failed me.

With a 0% chance of me falling back asleep, I grab my fruit shake from the fridge (which I had prepared the previous Sunday) and bee line to my computer. I play a game which involves farming and killing bosses. I don’t have time to kill bosses in the morning, but I have time for farming. I proceed to collect my digital crops and replant them, ready for me to harvest again when I come back from work.

7.28 AM

I scull my fruit shake in two minutes because I wasn’t drinking it whilst harvesting my digital crops. Lol.

7.30 AM

I get ready for work by brushing my teeth and getting dressed. I prepare my bag and get my lunch from the fridge.

7.50 AM

I jump in my car and leave for work. Due to recent events, I have the luxury of leaving at 7.50 am with hardly any morning traffic. If it weren’t for that however, I would be waking up at 6.00 am and leaving the house at 7.20 am. Luckily, 90% of the drive is straight down Roe Highway, so the drive is pretty easy and relaxing.

8.30 AM

I get to the Landgate office and turn my computer on. While it is being booted up, I go to prepare myself a hot cup of water.

I head back to my computer, check my mailbox and any notifications on share point. I continue with the project I have been working on, which is back capture of levelling data.

A young professional in his office desk

From here, my day deviates depending on the day of the week. On Mondays, I will have a team meeting with survey services at 1.30 pm where the team discusses progress with projects and brings up any challenges they are facing. On Fridays, I have a one on one meeting with my team lead at 11.30 am as part of the graduate program. On a quiet day I continue to do my back-capture project up until about 10.30 am where I make myself a ‘cold chocolate’ because we don’t have an easy way of making hot milk. ;_;

Hot chocolate mix

12.30 PM

Around this time, I will have lunch. If there is a gathering of graduates or colleagues, I will usually join them. If work is a bit full on, then I may eat at my desk. At this time, I will also be looking at the prices of my digital crops, deciding when is a good time to sell them, in order to maximise the coin I will get.

1.00 PM

I get back to work and continue working. Attend any meetings if there are any and make myself another cold chocolate for that burst of sugar to keep me going. Unfortunately, this happened today…

An empty cup

4.30 PM

Depending on whether I would like to accumulate some flex time, I will end work between 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm. Sometimes I will grab a cookie from the survey services cookie box and make my way home.

5.15 PM

Depending on what time I left the office, I would get home between 5.15 pm 6.15 pm. Prior to dinner at around 6.45 pm. I would check on and spend some time with my girlfriend. Then of course, harvest my digital crops and replant them, ready for one more harvest at around 10.00 pm.

6.45 PM

I have dinner with my parents and girlfriend at the dinner table where we talk about what happened throughout each other’s day and any interesting events occurring around the world.

7.15 PM

At around this time I would go for a shower and get dressed into PJs.

7.30 PM

From here, I’d do a mixture of a few things. Watching youtube with my girlfriend or playing more games with friends and talking to them on discord (modernised version of skype).

If I am spending time with my girlfriend, the shows we watch are usually those scripted reality shows such as ’90 day fiancé’. Her and I watch episodes/clippets of the series and love judging the people who star on the show. We get a lot of laughs and jaw drops out of it.

If I am gaming with the lads, we would play games such as League of Legends, PUBG, MineCraft and RuneScape. If enough of us are on, we’ll go kill a few bosses on RuneScape.

10.00 PM

I do another harvest (three in total per day) and prepare another one for tomorrow morning.

11.50 PM

I stop gaming for the night and prepare for bed by brushing my teeth and washing my face.

12.00 AM

Zzzzz Zzzzz.