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Unity Paterson

Don’t panic if you don’t have it all sorted out. Take opportunities that are given to you, and find people you respect the advice of. That is the best guide!

My name is Unity and I had quite a unique recruitment experience. At university, I studied Art History and Curatorship. I worked at both private and public sector galleries on the floor, interning and selling, as well as doing some policy research work on the side. I developed an interest in the art market and how and why the market is becoming a greater influence both commercial art, as well as the big art institutions. 

I chose Tech Implementation because I wrote my honours thesis on ‘How social media has changed the way Institutions curate their collections.’ I remember thinking to myself, ‘I’ll apply for the technology service line because technology will run the world one day, and I’ve seen it already transform an industry I am familiar with."

I was worried Tech Implementation would be IT or software. But in the Canberra office, it is about the whole lifecycle of technology-based transformation – from policy to strategic advisory to IT implementation. Our role is to be a trusted advisor to help our clients make the best and most informed decisions around how to embrace technology as the key enabler of the transformation that is being required. In large part, this turned out to be a similar concept to what I was studying.

I didn’t know about the recruitment process at all as it was not an area my university cohort went in to very commonly. During the process, I was asked a lot of questions about my soft skills, curiosity, adaptability, and my ability to apply skills I have learned like research, writing, structuring arguments and time management. I was asked about why I was interested in technology and why I thought it was an important sector to be engaged in.

I work with clients to ensure that the design and delivery of technology align with business purposes. On days I am working for a client, I will meet with my team, we will have client meetings, and I will assist with the development of all sorts of documents. Some range in media from Excel to PowerPoint to Word. And within that, a range from reports to briefs to budgets, and a whole lot in between. It is safe to say that every day I can expect to do a lot of emailing, a large amount of editing and drafting, and a little bit of admin. I always try to talk to people and stay connected, especially if I am at the KPMG office.

My whole team, regardless of level, is incredibly supportive of professional development in terms of ability to deliver, but also in coaching me in how to be a professional. This is something I didn’t even know I would think to appreciate when I started my career. While you should call out for work you are particularly interested in, and make yourself available to help on your team's side projects/interest pieces whenever you can. My team has definitely kept an eye out for things they think could help grow and challenge me.