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Andrew Evans

Say “YES” more. A lot more. You never know what’s behind the door until you open it, so just do it.

My name is Andy Evans. Cultural diversity is something I’ve grown up with my whole life because I’m half Australian and half Lebanese. I’m a CA qualified with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne. I’ve been with KPMG for almost 4 years now. Currently working as the manager of the Australian Audit KGS team in Delhi, India after 3 and a half years in the Audit Practice in Melbourne. About 16 months ago, I decided that I wanted some change. Something that is new to me personally and professionally. A week after I realised this about myself, I received an email suggesting there was an opportunity to go to India for 3 months. I applied and I got accepted.

My initial recruitment took place in 2014. I was applying for a summer vacation position within the Melbourne Audit practice at KPMG. I submitted my resume, completed aptitude tests followed by visiting the KPMG office for an assessment centre. It involved a written task, a team discussion task, and two interviews by a manager and partner separately. I was asked about my experience, lots of behavioral and situational questions, and we discussed some social events to look forward to within KPMG.

I'm currently fulfilling the role of a manager in India within the offshore team. My responsibilities here are vast– everything from recruiting new hires, interviewing staff for secondment opportunities, facilitating trainings, acting as a performance manager, solving daily queries and concerns of staff, managing resourcing and daily task allocations and coordinating with onshore teams. I’m also the Quality Lead for the Australian offshore team. I’m responsible for the quality of all 140 staff, as well as representing Australia in the global quality meetings and initiatives.

The best part of my team and working at KPMG is the people you get to work with. Both Australian and Indian colleagues have been incredible– selfless, generous and talented. They have taught me everything I know in terms of technical skills and professionalism. Not only does KPMG have incredible talent, but it also allows for incredible experiences.

2019 has been the year of travel for me. Most of my time is spent working and traveling, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you don’t know what you want to do as a long-term career, find peace in being unsure where your passion lies and be patient.  Take opportunities one at a time as they interest you at that given moment, and as you gain more experience you’ll maneuver between different roles until you discover what you love.