Updating Results

Ben Walker

6.00 AM

I start my day at 6 am by talking my dog for a walk around Princes Park before heading back home for breakfast and getting ready for the day ahead. Once I’ve completed my morning chores, I jump on my bike and ride into work.  

Dog in a park

8.00 AM

I like to get into the office around 8 am for a coffee with my colleagues and to cover the important topics like the footy, weekend plans and cringe-worthy reality TV. Following this, it’s time to head back to my desk to go through emails and action any urgent tasks I have. Once I’ve had enough of my inbox, I like to catch up with my project teams to discuss any upcoming meetings and actions required for the day. 

Johnstaff office

10.00 AM

Once I’ve caught up with my teams, I head off to a site meeting & walk with our client and consultant team to inspect a new Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility which is approaching practical completion. As practical completion is only a few weeks away there is several action items and deadlines that need to be confirmed with the builder and consultant team.  Once I return to the office I put these action items together and issue to the team.  

12.00 PM

My favourite time of the day, lunchtime. Today I’ve got some quality leftovers so once I’ve heated it up, I grab a seat in the family room just in time for the doubleheader newspaper quiz. This is where my expertise in true and false questions shines. Following the quiz, I’ll go for a quick walk outside before getting into the 2nd half of the day. 

Johnstaff Graduate's desk

1.00 PM

After lunch, it’s time to get stuck into writing a report for a monthly Project Control Group meeting that is due at the end of the week. I’ll throw my headphones in to ensure I get the most out of the next 3 hours. These 3 hours are usually broken up by a quick flick through the newspaper and a cup of tea. Once my report is complete, I will sit down with my Project Team to review the report and issue to the Project Control Group. 

4.00 PM

By 4 o’clock its time to start looking at what I’ve got on tomorrow. As I’ve got a site meeting in Ballarat, I make sure I’ve got a car booked and prepare printouts for the meeting. 

5.00 PM

By 5 pm its time to pack up my desk and head down to the end of trip facilities to grab my bike. After work, I head to the gym to exert the last of my energy for the day before heading home to wind down.

7.00 PM

By 7 pm its time to take the dog for one last walk before cooking dinner and settling in for some much-needed couch time. This is where ill take the opportunity to do some reading and watch some TV.