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Justin Baldori

My task is to understand various online check-in streams and performance over the last 6 months. With the data analysis skills that I have developed as well as the professional relationships I have built, I am able to source data and build a model that my manager will use to present to the wider team. Pretty cool stuff from ‘a Grad’.

5.30 AM

I love getting up and starting the day off right, so I chug my espresso and make my way to the gym. No distractions make working out at 5.30 AM enjoyable (yes, I’m crazy). After an hour or so, I head back home to get ready for work.

7.30 AM

I’ve got my routine down, partly because of my non-iron shirts (whoever invented these need a medal) -within 30 mins I’m en route to the train station to catch the 8:11 into the city. I make the most of the 30-minute commute into work and listen to podcasts, mostly the Joe Rogan Experience or one of the investing poddies that I’m subscribed to. This morning I am finishing off JRE #1368 with Edward Snowden, very fascinating.

8.30 AM

Touchdown, as I walk up the steps I’m scrambling in my bag to find my ID card to open the door, hoping I didn’t forget this at home, (I didn’t.) I unload my lunch into the fridge, grab my laptop out of my locker and find a seat. At Jetstar we hot desk, which makes it fun and exciting to sit next to new colleagues as well as getting a different view of the office each day. I log in and check over any emails that have landed in my inbox overnight, thankfully nothing too urgent and my to-do list from the day before hasn’t gotten any larger. At Jetstar, no two days are the same and no matter how well you plan the day before, it can change in two seconds. That’s the reality of working for an airline, the fast-paced nature keeps you on your toes no matter what time of the day.

Justin Baldori in front of laptop

9.00 AM

One great thing about the office in Collingwood is the abundance of coffee, my mate Tom and I walk to a spot just around the corner. On the walk back we banter about AFL, he goes for The Eagles and I’m a Tiger man, so I continue to ask him who won the flag in 2019.

9.15 AM

We have our daily team standup. This is my 4th rotation and I am working in the Airport Customer Experience Team (ACE), where I look at different initiatives that can make the customers' journey easier at the airport. I give a quick update on my project as I am heading to Singapore in 2 weeks to launch a trial at Changi Airport in conjunction with Jetstar Asia and Changi Airport Group. Pretty cool stuff and I’ll fill you in later in the day.

Justin-Baldoni discussion

9.30 AM

Alright let’s get cracking, part of this project requires me to conduct a Risk Assessment session and facilitate the change through our Change Management system. Thankfully I’ve done all that in the past few weeks, but I need to do a little bit more work to the Risk Assessment before I catch up with the Department Heads to review and approve the trial. This is time-consuming as I am new to the system and still learning the ropes, so I have to go back and forth with the Safety team to ensure I have done this correctly. For me, this is the least sexy part of a project, but it is the most vital. The best thing about conducting a change like this is the engagement with stakeholders across the business - from analysts to managers, and senior leaders - there is no hierarchy, so everyone is very approachable and love to help. This is why I love being a Grad because you aren’t a Grad. Instead, you are a part of the team, a team that is not only your immediate team but the wider Jetstar business. With no barriers, it makes updating my change a breeze and I’ve met some new people along the way (#networking), you never know when this may come in handy!

12.00 PM

I’m obviously starving at this point, so I round up a few other Grads and we catch up in the new kitchen. Our Grad cohort is very close, and we always try to grab lunch together. It’s really nice to hear about everyone’s rotations and the work that they are doing. I munch into my basic chicken, rice and broccoli meal prep so appetizing!

Justin-Baldoni meeting

12.30 PM

After lunch, it’s now time for my next meeting. This time I’m on a Skype call with a colleague in Jetstar Asia to discuss the project launch in a couple of weeks. I’ll pause here and update you on my project. We are implementing new bags at Changi Airport that customers can try out -they are self-adhesive so in theory should be faster, easier and less wasteful than the current bag tag.. this is what we will be testing for. It may not sound like much, but the fact that customers may be able to tag their bag in a few seconds is very promising for the customer journey. The call goes for an hour and we discuss the upgrade of hardware/software, communication to team members, the project facilitation in Singapore and general updates from both Singapore and Melbourne. The call goes well, but we have one issue - the bulk shipment of tags may be subject to screening upon arrival into Singapore. Lucky we have some time up our sleeve and have already received a smaller shipment last week… Phew!

Justin-Baldoni one-on-one

1.30 PM

A stock standard part of running a project is writing the minutes. This is a headphone task, so on goes the podcast. After smashing this out, I receive my itinerary for my Singapore trip in 2 weeks which I enter this into the system. Hopefully, I get a good seat for the 7-hour trip…

3.00 PM

My brain needs a break, so its table tennis time. Lucky here at the office we have a table tennis table which we use to free our mind up a little bit. Usually, I have to wait for the table, but today we are in luck -  straight on to centre court. Not as glamourous as a Federer entrance into Rod Laver, but same. I lost 2 sets to 1. Don’t want to talk about it (#competitive)

Justin-Baldoni playing

3.30 PM

Although I lost, I’m feeling very refreshed and this is a good thing because I have some analysis coming up. Another stellar thing about the Grad program is the diverse work that you do in your rotations. I joined the program as a Finance grad so working in a project role in the Operations team is the polar opposite to Finance, however, the Grad program allows you to try things you would never thought were possible. Over my last 3 rotations, I have worked in both Commercial and Operational departments, including Finance, Operations Control, Marketing Analytics and now Airport Customer Experience. If you said to me two years ago you would be working in Operations for an Airline, I’d tell you that you were mad! But I love it - the variety of work is amazing and I thrive off stepping outside my comfort zone and trying new things.

Anyway, something I love.. It’s data time. My task is to understand various online check-in streams and the performance over the last 6 months. With the data analysis skills that I have developed as well as the professional relationships I have built, I am able to source data and build a model that my manager will use to present to the wider team. Pretty cool stuff from ‘a Grad’.

Justin-Baldoni working

5.30 PM

I make a quick plan/to-do list for tomorrow and then pack my bag and head off. Headphones in, podcasts loud and clear. Can’t wait to dig into some Parmas this evening!

Thanks for coming along with me for the day and I hope you have learnt a little bit about the day in the life of a grad at Jetstar!

See you in the office