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Training & Personal Development at IMC

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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Many opportunities to undertake leadership / communication training.
Graduate, Sydney
For all trader/developer new starters (including graduates and experienced hires) there's a 6 week training course. This runs in two different offices for 3 weeks each (for me it was Sydney/Chicago). We are always encouraged to keep our technical and communication skills up to date and we can expense courses we do. I also went through a 3 day general training course earlier this year on communication/personal skills.
Graduate, Sydney
All new trading and technology employees undertake the company's in-house global traineeship program which is spread across 2 of the global offices. It is hugely valuable to learning both the relevant skills and also the company specific systems and processes.
Graduate, Sydney
Several soft skills training throughout the year. Opportunities for formal technical training in relevant technologies, and regular informal presentations on tech and work within the company
Graduate, Sydney
My training program was very extensive (approx. 4 months in total, across Sydney and Chicago offices) but it was quite options-oriented, and I ended up trading Futures so a lot of what I learned wasn't that applicable (although it's helping me now that I trade options more).
Graduate, Amsterdam
Seven weeks of training in two offices.
Graduate, Sydney
They send you to Amsterdam or Chicago as part of the training and even if you're completely 'unprepared' for the technical and financial requirements, the grad training will get you up to speed. They also run ongoing training to make sure everyone's well equipped to do their work.
Graduate, Sydney