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Akshay Chudasama

Having a positive team environment is very important as you work with the team for the duration of the project

Why did you decide to join the construction industry?

The construction industry is an international industry that allows me to collaborate with projects ranging from residential, commercial and even big infrastructure projects across the world. The industry has a large scope which allows me as an individual to experience a range of roles, from cost estimating to contract law giving me the opportunity expand my skills. 

Why did you choose to join Icon?

Joining Icon was driven by the experience and the values behind the company. Knowing you work for a construction company that has been around since 1861 gives me the confidence to move forward with Icon and learn from the best.

What things have you really enjoyed doing at work?

Being on-site becomes a major part of your everyday life. Having a team that has your back 100% and working together towards a common goal, and finally achieving gives me joy.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced on site?

When I was new to site a sub-contractor approached me with a technical question that needed to be answered promptly – new to site with zero knowledge I had a go and made an assessment, I later reviewed this with the site manager who explained the issue and solution. 

Can you describe some of the key things that you have learned since you joined the company?

Being on site taught me to create a positive relationship with the sub-contractors as they assist Icon to complete great projects. Being at Icon also taught me to always have a go, this will allow you to grow as an individual and learn from your mistakes. 

How would you describe the team environment?

Having a positive team environment is very important as you work with the team for the duration of the project. The team environment at icon is extremely positive as everyone ready to assist you with queries. With the support of site managers, project managers and construction mangers – you will never find your self suck.

What makes you proud to work at Icon?

Working for a builder that is capable of completing projects in every corner of Australia and even across the Tasman Sea is something any Construction graduate would be proud of. 

What advice would you give to new Graduates or Cadets joining the team?

The advice I would give to new Graduates or Cadets is to; always have a go, get your hands dirty on site and create a positive relationship with the people you work with. Our construction industry is small – a good positive name will get you far.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to be outdoors, spending time with friends and family.