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Abdullah Rafatee

On all the projects I have worked on, the team environment was and is productive and positive. On my current and past projects, the teams have and had built strong relationships.

Why did you decide to join the construction industry? 

In 2010, grade 10, I decided to that I wanted to get my bachelor’s degree in Construction Management because I appreciated the concept of working in an outdoor environment. I also looked forward to interacting with different people with different skill sets. The main reason I decided to join this industry is because construction is required for the economy to grow whether it is residential, commercial or infrastructure and this can promise continuous work. 

Why did you choose to join Icon? 

Cockram Construction provided me the opportunity to undertake work experience whilst I was still completing university degree. As I was completing my work experience I saw the potential exposure to the industry I could receive. I noticed opportunities to work a different range of complex projects and with the merge with Icon Co it created even more opportunity. I also noticed that I would be provided the room to grow and gain experience in the different life cycles of a project. The exposure I would receive help make me become a well-rounded Project Manager. 

What things have you really enjoyed doing at work? 

I enjoy the company and project social events as this helps the staff build a healthy work relationship. Setting and achieving project milestones really helped me as this kept the project team motivated. Building and maintaining relationships with the different parties involved.  

What are some of the challenges that you have faced on site?

I have faced the following challenges on site:

  • Communication between trades.
  • Heavy work loads a project can require.
  • Understanding how different services interact.
  • Understanding how to enforce the construction programme. 

Can you describe some of the key things that you have learned since you joined the company? 

A few key items I learnt since I joined the company are:

  • Answering contractor queries using the project documentation
  • Better understanding construction procedures
  • Using well known construction programs
  • Developing sub-contractor contracts
  • Administrating sub-contracts
  • Assessing and submitting progress claims

How would you describe the team environment? 

On all the projects I have worked on, the team environment was and is productive and positive. On my current and past projects, the teams have and had built strong relationships. They would often keep each other informed with any current issues, key delivers, key tasks and more. This would enable each team member to accurately manage the project. 

What makes you proud to work at Icon? 

Icon is now a combination of two highly reputable construction companies, Icon Co and Cockram Construction. Icon have the potential to undertake large scale projects.

What advice would you give to new Graduates or Cadets joining the team? 

At first it was overwhelming, but the more I asked my project team and subcontractors questions and engaged in conversations the more I understand construction processes. It may be different for you, but don’t avoid your tasks because of your limited knowledge.   

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I tend to do some physical activity, mostly find myself at the gym and trying out new sports. When I get the chance, I will make sure I have a holiday booked to give me an event to look forward to. I mostly enjoy spending time with my family and friends.