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Isaac Mok

8.45 AM

I’ve got a busy day planned today. At 9 am this morning I have to go down to Reception to meet Stan, the photographer who is going to follow me around all day today.

Before I go down to meet him, I make sure to check my e-mail, to follow up any pending tasks that I had left-over from yesterday.

Isaac at his desk

9.30 AM

The whole Grad cohort is catching up this morning. This morning I shared some of the things I have been working on in the Injury Prevention Pricing Team.

We occasionally hang out together to share what we’re working on – including any troubles or exciting things that we’re being caught up in. Because we’re moving around the business a lot (often in teams that we haven’t been in previously), we help each other out with networks that we’ve formed and knowledge gained from what we’re seeing around the business.

We’re all bizarrely different people, having taken many different paths to get to where we are today. That makes for a healthy and interesting mix of perspectives doesn’t it? Renee, for instance will always be able to smash me in a physie dance battle. Gabs always knows what to say. Shrey has such great technical grasp of things. Jase knows how to look on the positive side.

I on the other hand have lots of hair. Adam will… well. Grow a better beard than me.

Kidding. If anything, I have so much to learn from Ads’ desire to keep learning new ways of doing things.

Isaac catching up with colleagues

11.00 AM

Later this morning at around mid-morning I sit down with the Johnny and Yeong from the Injury Prevention Team that I’ve been hanging out with for the past few months. We spend six months in each rotation before we move along to foster new perspectives in other areas of the business. 

At IPP we’re the front-line of icare. Working together with our employers, we make sure that when a worker gets injured we get them back to work as soon as possible. We’re no ordinary insurer. We don’t want to simply price risk with the right amount of premium for profit. Every fibre of our purpose is centred on how we can reduce the frequency of injuries and how we can get our workers back to who they were as soon as possible.

Yeong and Johnny are intervention specialists. Today we’re talking about one of the injury prevention programs that we’re rolling out soon.

Isaac talking with two specialists

12.30 PM

At midday, I take a short break for lunch with Shrey. Check out that view!

Isaac having a break

3.00 PM

icare says that they want to help mould us into future leaders – and they really mean it. Us Grads aren’t just photocopiers, we’re actively participating in strategic development.

Isaac in a meeting

4.00 PM

Pete’s my people leader. At 4 pm we have a quick catch-up to talk about some of the projects that I’ve been working on.

Our one-on-ones are really a space for our managers and us to cross share our perspectives so that we can continue to learn off each other. Sometimes it’s a really good space for me to ask for feedback on how I’ve been going.

One-on-ones are a great way to learn new ways of doing old things.

Isaac having a catch-up with his leader

5.15 PM

Thanks for following me around today!

Isaac going home