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Hood Sweeney

  • 100 - 500 employees

Chelsea Burpee

If you come into a role similar to mine with an open mind, willingness to learn, organisation skills and a good work ethic, you will enjoy and move forward in your career.

What's your job about?

Hood Sweeney is a mid-tier firm consisting of various service lines, including Accounting and Business Advisory, Financial Planning, Finance, Technology, Consulting and Performance Coaching. After completing my University Degree I joined Hood Sweeney as a member of their Accounting and Business Advisory service line, specifically with their agricultural sector clients. This has allowed me to link my passion for Business and Agriculture into the work I do on a day to day basis. When I first started at Hood Sweeney I began by engaging in tasks such as bookkeeping and the preparation of business activity statements and individual tax returns. This gave me a good foundation to be able to develop my skills to more complex compliance work for group such as financial statements, non-individual tax returns and tax planning. New and challenging tasks are allowing me to learn more each day, as well as no job being exactly the same which challenges you to apply your knowledge and prior learning.

What's your background?

I grew up in Adelaide and attended Westminster School right through to Year 12. At age of 15 I started working at Target and continued my position for over 7 years, right up until the completion of my university degree. During this time I learnt a lot around work ethic, communication skills and many other qualities that apply in the professional world. As well as studying and working at Target I also helped out on our family cattle and sheep property in my spare time. In doing so, I became interested in the business side of our farm, which combined with the fact that working with numbers came easy to me from I young age, led to me studying Accounting at University. I completed my university degree in 2016 and I was lucky enough to come across a vacant job position at Hood Sweeney in their Agribusiness Accounting team. This position was one I saw as a good opportunity to link my passion and knowledge to my degree I had just completed.

What are the limitations of your job?

If you are willing to work hard, learn and be engaged in the work, then limitations are not necessarily an issue. Having good time management skills, being organised and taking responsibility for tasks allocated to you will all make up part of reducing the limitations. If time during work hours in managed well and you are efficient you will meet your deadlines and the expectations of the role. If you come into a role similar to mine with an open mind, willingness to learn, organisation skills and a good work ethic, you will enjoy and move forward in your career.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  • Seek any chance to engage in some work experience or network within the industry, which will help give you an insight into possible career paths within your degree of study.
  • Ensure you have the ability to manage your time well so that your work-life balance is maintained which allows you to enjoy yourself in the process.
  • Communication is a key skill that will be necessary on a day to day basis. Ensure that you build the confidence to talk to people that you don’t necessarily talk to and build connections in the process. This will help you in the future to build relationships with colleagues and clients alike.