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Catherine Glassenbury

6.00 AM

I wake up to the sound of my alarm and start to get ready for the day. I take a quick shower, have some breakfast and grab the lunch I prepared last night before I leave for work.

7.15 AM

Drive to work. I am based at a customer site in the CBD so will need to navigate peak hour traffic on the way in but breakfast radio helps pass the time.

Day in the life Honeywell Catherine Glassenbury 800x600 2018 Walk

8.00 AM

After arriving at site, I grab an all important coffee and walk into the office ready to start the day. I sit down to read through my emails and to do list. In order to keep track of all items I compile a list of everything to be completed that day in order of priority. After finishing this plan, I complete short tasks such as raising purchase orders and ordering parts for ongoing projects to get a good start to the day.

Day in the life_Honeywell_ Catherine Glassenbury_800x600 2018 phone

9.00 AM

I start reviewing code strategy for an upcoming upgrade project. As I work in the service department of our business we work on numerous customer sites on long term contracts. Therefore upgrade projects assist in ensuring that the HVAC, security, CCTV and fire control systems on site are as robust and reliable as possible. There are always new improvements to be made! This particular project involves upgrading some controllers to newer technology.

11.00 AM

A list has been collated of audit information required on the same project. I visit the plantroom where the upgrades are planned with a site technician to go through each item. This is critical so as to ensure that all equipment is accounted for. We collate all the information required, take some photos as records and collate any additional risks identified so that this can be addressed back in the site office. Today we identified that a chilled water valve had some initial signs of corrosion, so we will need to present this back to site management to ensure this issue is known and can be rectified. I reflect on how much more HVAC system knowledge I have gained in the last 12 months, it’s incredible how much you learn!

Day in the life_Honeywell_ Catherine Glassenbury_800x600 2018 check

12.30 PM

Lunch time. Time to eat the pasta I packed.

1.00 PM

After lunch, I have an external meeting with management and the building manager of another customer site so I leave the site office and start walking across the CBD. Usually our sites are close to each other so I either walk or take a tram to get there. In this meeting we are discussing some site improvements to assist with the energy efficiency of the building.

Day in the life_Honeywell_ Catherine Glassenbury_800x600 2018 talking

3.00 PM

I rush back just in time for a skype meeting with some of my colleagues internationally. In the meeting, we are implementing a new technology on site called Vector. It is a phone application that enhances building occupants’ experience on site as well as supporting facility management. I am assisting in the implementation of the technology and am required to provide feedback to the development team on the progress of deployment across site. This experience has been invaluable as we’ve been able to draw from different perspectives in the team to achieve an exciting new interface for the end users on site.

4.00 PM

After the meeting I take a mini break to grab another coffee and then switch tasks to start updating some of the preventative maintenance records onsite. This is an ongoing task that is undertaken each month to ensure that all site assets scheduled for maintenance that month have been checked and that any associated recommendations or works are logged. Reliability of all systems is ensured through a combination of software analytics and required manual checks.

Day in the life_Honeywell_ Catherine Glassenbury_800x600 2018 checking 2

5.00 PM

During the afternoon I review my to-do list and close out any outstanding items planned for today. I conduct a HSE review on some PPE and follow up on a quote for site improvements. Health and safety is critical on site and I am proud to be part of a company such as Honeywell which has such a strong safety culture.

5.45 PM

I start packing up for the day and make a list of items to look at tomorrow morning. I’ll be based at another customer site tomorrow so I make sure to take my laptop and all my equipment with me. I’ll be back later this week to finish off some of the work started today.

Day in the life_Honeywell_ Catherine Glassenbury_800x600 2018 out of work

7.00 PM

I arrive home and make a quick dinner.

7.30 PM

Tonight I’m out playing tennis in a local suburban competition. It’s a relaxing way to finish off the day as well as a great way of fitting in some exercise.

11.00 PM

Back home in time for a shower and then time for bed.