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Brad Miller

7.30 AM

No idea why I keep setting my alarm at this time since I’m bound to turn it off and go back to sleep anyway. By about 8:30 AM I’ve found the motivation to get out of bed. I shower, have breakfast and head out the door to drive to work just after 9.00 am.

9.30 AM

Arrive at the office and head to my desk. I check if any of the plants adorning my workspace need watering before reading emails. I work with teams from all around the world, so I can usually expect an update from colleagues in the US or Europe sent while I was sleeping! Once this is out of the way, I’m usually writing code for part of the two or three projects I have on my plate at any one time.

A young professional happily working at his office desk

10.45 AM

It’s time for my team’s daily ‘Stand-up’. We have a quick meeting like this every morning where we gather to discuss what we worked on yesterday, what we’re planning to work on today, and whether anything is blocking our progress. This way we can keep constant track of how we’re progressing on important projects and make sure work is spread evenly amongst our team.

Young professionals having their stand-up meeting

11.00 AM 

Back to coding. At Honeywell I mainly work on software that controls large industrial processes (think plants that manufacture medicine, oil refineries, and breweries), so I have to interface with microcontrollers – tiny computers that run the chemical units at our customers’ sites. It’s a challenge, but the end result is very rewarding.

12.30 PM

Time for a lunch break. I head upstairs to hang out with my friends who work on the floor above me, and usually have time for a few games of table tennis as well! I’m terrible and have the hand-eye coordination of a 3-year-old, but getting slightly better at it each day.

Two young professionals playing table tennis

1.30 PM

Another meeting! This time I’m discussing a new project with one of our dedicated User Experience designers. We have a bit of fun playing around with some fancy Virtual Reality headsets – we’re hoping to create an app that will let service technicians at industrial plants perform repairs easier.

3 professionals on a meeting, testing virtual reality headsets

2.30 PM

Back to my desk again. A relatively urgent bugfix is required as it’s been discovered there’s an error in data transfer between two of our software components. I take a while to look through our server-side codebase - written in C++ - and eventually identify what I believe to be the problem. When I started working here a year ago, this kind of stuff would have been incredibly confusing to me (I didn’t even know C++ when I started!), but I had a lot of support from buddies and mentors throughout the graduate program, and feel a lot more confident now. I send the code changes off for review.

A young professional in the server room

4.45 PM

Time to head off. I was pretty on the ball today, so managed to beat the 5:00 PM rush hour. I decompress on the car ride home and am usually back by about 5:15 PM. Another workday finished!