Updating Results

Harvey Norman

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Matthew F.

6:00 AM

Wake up and eat breakfast.

7:00 AM

The day starts with a commute through the Sydney traffic on public transport. I often keep myself occupied with music or watching live sports, like American Football (NFL), whilst I organise my thoughts for the tasks required to be completed for the day.

8:15 AM

I review and prioritise emails and then set up the operational aspects of the business (for example conducting staff meetings, preparing the shop ready for a day of trade).

Matthew checks his emails and prepares for the day

10:00 AM

Having responded to emails and prioritised tasks, I ensure the team is utilising their time in the most effective way, whilst I work through the Bathroom display centre showroom that we are opening.


2:00 PM

Throughout this period of time, I will go between focusing my energy on the Bathroom display centre showroom project, whilst ensuring that the operational aspects of the business are satisfied. The most important priority is ensuring that customers are being tended to and have been provided a complete bathroom consultation and that the sales consultants have been thorough in their interactions.

Matthew prepares showroom

2:30 PM

After a lunch break at the cafe, I meticulously work through my development plan and projects that have been assigned.

Matthew takes lunch break at a cafe

5:30 PM

A quick review of the day and to summarise what has been accomplished and what needs to be completed for the next day. This involves having a general overview of all aspects of the business, my development progress and the Bathroom renovation project.

Matthew sums up his bathroom innovation project

6:45 PM

After a day that has presented challenges both externally and internally, I go to the gym with my father to do weight training to help alleviate the work stresses throughout the day and rejuvenate myself for the next day.