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Tobias Mikkelsen

Tobias studied Bachelor of Science, Major in Computer Science & Minor in Applied Physics and is a Client Services Graduate at Fujitsu

7.00 AM

Wake up. I eat breakfast, always changing it each day; today is porridge! I also have my mandatory coffee! While I eat, I check the news. Being up-to-date with the news helps me figure out if there are any trends happening in the IT industry that I need to watch out for. I then get dressed and get ready to leave home. I live in the city, a 15-minute walk from the office. This means I have my morning walk to prepare for work and get into the correct mindset. Wellington is a great compact city and the Fujitsu office is right in the middle of it.

8.30 AM

Arrive at the office. When I get into the office I catch up with my colleagues; someone always has a great story to share! I sit down at my desk and check my email, along with the specific email for the account I am on. I work specifically on two of our clients. I then look at my calendar and see if there are any meetings I need to prepare for.

11.00 AM

Tobias during a Skype customer call

Customer call. I use Skype every single day of the week, it is great! I can sit at my desk and speak to people all over the country at the same time. This call is with a client in another city, we are discussing the progression of a project. I am there to ensure that all the teams are communicating correctly and that they have carried out all their actions.

12.00 PM

Lunch time! The Fujitsu office is right above a small food court and directly in-between two of the biggest food courts in the city! When I don’t feel like that, I go to one of the countless cafes that we have. After I’ve eaten my lunch I go for a walk around the waterfront. It is important for me to keep moving throughout the day as I have to be ready for a run later in the evening.

1.00 PM

Client meeting at client site. I go to one of our clients who are a short 10min walk away. Here I meet with the on-site Fujitsu staff and the client. Today we are discussing the monthly report, something that I help greatly with each month. I take notes of any actions that I have to implement and work for the next couple of hours in this office. Being in Client Services, I interact a lot with my clients and work from their offices multiple times during the week.

3.00 PM

Tobias' view from the conference roomBack at the Fujitsu office. I catch up with my colleagues on the customer accounts I am on regarding any issues we have to be aware of. Teamwork is a big part of my day and being able to work in a great supportive team means we all work to our best abilities. I like to use our conference room (with a great view!) to do these meetings as they are a great collaborative space.

4.00 PM

Pack up and go home. I leave the office and walk home. It generally takes me 5 minutes longer to get home in the afternoon, tired legs and mind, but the walk helps me refresh and unwind.

4.30 PM

Go for a run. I go for one of my runs for the week. I am currently training for a marathon. Health and fitness is very important to me, it helps me focus at work and be more productive in what I do.

7.00 PM

Dinner time! I cook up a nice meal, sit down and watch some Netflix while eating. I then shower and completely unwind. It is important for me to be able to unwind from my day at work.

11.00 PM

Bedtime! Getting around 8 hours of sleep helps me be alert during the day and be a lot more efficient.

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