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Kate Pocknee

7.00 AM

I strategically set my alarm 9 minutes before intending to get out of bed (so I can hit snooze and trick myself into thinking I’m getting extra sleep). My first important task of the day is perfecting the milk to oats ratio in my bowl of porridge. Once I’m fed and ready I speed walk 11 minutes to the station and settle into a podcast on the train. The Melbourne office is next to Southern Cross station so the commute couldn’t be easier once my train pulls into the city.

8.45 AM

As I exit the lift I press my hand against the palm vein scanner to unlock the door and put my bag in my locker and lunch in the fridge. I head straight to the coffee machine for a caffeine hit and catch up with the office’s early birds – sharing stories about our weekends, discussing whether the grad dodgeball team won their latest game and competitively checking where we’re each ranked on the Fujitsu footy tipping ladder.

Kate Pocknee having a coffee

9.00 AM

I sit down at whatever desk, booth or bench I’m vibing for the day and set up my laptop. We have an agile workplace but I make sure I sit it in the vicinity of my team so we can easily find each other. I check my emails and scan my calendar to see what my day is shaping up to look like.

Kate Pocknee checking emails

9.30 AM

It’s time for my regular 1:1 catch up with my Architecture and Consulting (A&C) manager. We use these informal meetings to touch base on how I’m finding the Graduate program, what I’m working on and what’s on the horizon. Such consistency fosters a positive and healthy feedback culture. As I have two managers (one for A&C and another for HR) it’s important that I’m transparent to both about the workload and deadlines set by each. Juggling projects in two very different areas of the business has challenged me to be more adaptable, organised and willing to embrace change.

Kate Pocknee meeting with her manager

10.30 AM

I’m currently working on a project that was assigned by the Head of Consulting. As I have a background in marketing communications I’m creating and managing a new communications plan for A&C. I’m mapping out a detailed timeline that outlines how and at what frequency key messages are expressed to multiple stakeholders. With my notebook and pen in hand (handy tip: always carry a notebook) I head into the meeting to update the team on my progress and the roadblocks I’ve encountered.

When drafting this pipeline of communications I frequently interact with senior leaders across Australia and New Zealand, whether it be in face-to-face meetings or via Skype. Fujitsu’s flat structure means that I’m constantly working with incredibly experienced and knowledgeable leaders.

Kate Pocknee progress and roadblock meeting

12.00 PM

It’s time for the monthly Environmental Management System (EMS) team meeting. Fujitsu has the vision to create a prosperous and sustainable future, with a global mission to help create a ‘Human Centric Society’ - harnessing the power of ICT innovations and solutions to benefit society as a whole. As an EMS representative, I contribute to implementing strategies and initiatives in line with our sustainability business model. We seek to drive down the impact of the ICT sector through ICT enabling technology.

12.30 PM

Right as my stomach starts to rumble a fellow grad pings me on Skype; “lunch?”. Most of us microwave our leftovers from last night’s dinner, but there’s always a crew heading down to the latest foodie hotspot. Once we’ve eyed off each other’s lunch we go to the park across the road for some fresh air.

Kate Pocknee during lunch break

1.30 PM

I’m one of the Melbourne office’s Young Community Group (YCG) Ambassadors, which is a committee that sits under the Diversity and Inclusion Generational pillar. There are representatives from each office across Australia and New Zealand seeking to build an engaging network of employees by bridging the gap between generations through both educational and social activities.

In our weekly call, I update the other ambassadors on what’s been happening in the Melbourne office, our communications, budget and future events. The next activity on the cards is a yoga class in our communal area. This event will contribute to our workplace’s positive and welcoming culture, inviting everyone to mix with people from outside their regular networks and bond over being uncoordinated.

Kate Pocknee weekly Young Community Group meeting

2.30 PM

This afternoon I switch into my Human Resources (HR) hat. In the Talent and Capability team, I’m helping to organise and manage 2018, 2019 and 2020 Graduate cohorts across Australia and New Zealand (nearly 150 Graduates!).

I’ve been given the responsibility of designing and implementing a pilot process that will alter the current structure of the Graduate program. After much research and consulting, the process is launching soon so I’ve started briefing various Leadership Teams across the business. Although it was initially nerve-wracking to present to executive-level leaders, the opportunity has given me great exposure and developed my presentation and communication skills.

3.45 PM

A friend walks past my desk and we wander to the kitchen, selecting teabags from the communal tea cupboard en route. We chat about what we’ve been working on and add to the latest puzzle in the community space.

Kate Pocknee having a short snack

4.00 PM

The Graduate Program consists of four training modules – some are virtual and others require us to fly to the Sydney office. These modules are designed to fast-track our knowledge of Fujitsu and allow us to better understand our impact on the organisation. We just started the first virtual ‘IT Fundamentals’ module, which requires us to present in teams on one of Fujitsu’s seven portfolios. I make sure my part of the presentation is complete then head onto a call with Graduates from Brisbane, Wellington and Sydney.

5.00 PM

Before leaving for the day I attend to my emails and double-check my calendar for tomorrow. I ensure that I’m prepared for tomorrow’s meetings so I can completely switch off when I leave the office. I clear up my desk and head to the change rooms to get ready for AFL training tonight. The oval is close to the city so I jump on a tram and am early to catch up with the girls before we start. Playing sport is a great way to stay active and socialise with friends from outside the office.

Kate Pocknee at Fujitsu office

8.30 PM

When I finally get home I prepare dinner (always making extra for tomorrow’s lunch), spend time with my family and get lost on Instagram stalking cafes to go to on the weekend.