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Deepikah Amirthalingam

Deepikah studied a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and is a Infrastructure Services Graduate at Fujitsu

7.00 AM

My alarm blares waking me up.  In the chilly Wellington weather, it’s a mission to get out of my warm bed. Thinking of the busy day I have ahead, I rush to have a shower.  I quickly have some oats while looking at my calendar on my phone to see what I have scheduled for the day.  I get ready and walk to work.

8.30 AM

First thing is to get my caffeine fix for the morning.  The Fujitsu offices have amazing coffee machines that have you hooked!  Along the way I catch up with a few of the other graduates who are on my floor…some of them might join me for a quick coffee run too.  I then get back to my table and check my emails.  End of month reports is due in the next couple of days so I block out some time in my calendar to complete those.

Deepikah preparing her morning coffee

9.30 AM

A group of the graduates have a meeting regarding our knowledge in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the possible services Fujitsu NZ could provide in the RPA space.  We have a presentation next week to the Country Manager, NZ CIS Delivery Operations Manager and NZ Cloud Services Manager so we make sure we have it locked down before the final presentation.

10.15 AM

The graduate programme consists of four modules with our first module being a virtual presentation about one of Fujitsu’s seven portfolios.  We are presenting our first module this week on Data Centres so I make sure that my part of the presentation is complete before heading onto a call with my fellow graduates from Sydney and Brisbane.  We have successfully created an animated video explaining data centres and the services that Fujitsu Oceania provides in the data centre space.

Deepikah working on a presentation on her desk

11.30 AM

I have my buddy coffee catch-up with a graduate from the previous cohort.  We talk about projects that we are involved in and my buddy gives me advice on who to approach to get more information or support.  These catch-ups are definitely a highlight of the week as I get more insight into what will come up for us as graduates!

1.00 PM

I knuckle down to write the monthly security reports.  I get support from my manager so that the correct conclusions are made.  The final report is then peer-reviewed by one of my colleagues within the security team.

3.00 PM

Meeting with NZ CIS Delivery Operations Manager and NZ Cloud Services Manager for a project regarding managing our client’s Active Directory and Fujitsu Privileged users.  Another graduate and I get approval for next steps.  I create a procedure document…all those years of essay writing in university have finally become useful!  I will continue to work on this document until it has been approved by the management team and the project goes live.

4.30 PM

I go back to my table and check my emails and send a few replies – prioritising the emails from my Australian colleagues as I know they still have a couple more hours of their workday left.  I then get ready to head home.

5.30 PM

I have a quick snack while making dinner before heading to the gym.  I make sure I meal prep for my lunch for work the next day.  I then head to a gym class which gives me my 45 minutes to 1 hour of exercise each day. This allows me to keep my productivity levels high and to have a healthy work-life balance.

7:.30 PM – 10.00 PM

I catch up with a TV episode on Netflix and wind down while having dinner.  I then read for about half an hour before going to bed knowing that the next day will be just as exciting as this one!

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