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Bryana Vithal

6.00 AM

Wake up and quickly put on my gym clothes before I have a chance to talk myself out of my 7am training session. I drive up to Macquarie Park to beat the traffic and use the local Fitness First gym. It’s a great way to start my day - keeping fit and healthy allows me to be more productive whilst in the office! I also use my drive to work to mentally add a few ‘to-do’s to my daily list and the music puts me in a good mood for the day.

9.00 AM

I get into the office and start going through my emails (some of which have come through overnight from global colleagues). I prepare my breakfast before any morning meetings – my favourite meal of the day. I’ll have a quick chat to my colleagues around me and my manager – we’re a small team and it’s great to share stories about our weekends, personal lives or catch up on the latest reality show. My morning meetings are mostly face to face and in between meetings sometimes I’ll indulge in my one true love – a morning coffee!

Fujitsu: Bryana Vitha - breakfast

11.00 AM

Executive Start of Week update. Our Vice President of Marketing, Strategy and Change Management is based in Brisbane and holds a conference call with her entire team who are spread across QLD< NSW and VIC. We gather in the boardroom in Sydney, whilst others dial in and listen to her relay the start of week update from the CEO. The purpose of this call is for all staff to receive an update from executive level with key messages from all parts of the business in terms of new projects, programs, HR or compliance updates, financials or sales updates. As well as listen to team members as to what they are working on or any exciting new projects in the pipeline. From a communications perspective, the updates often give me a good understanding of what is going on in the business, particularly key achievements that might be worth sharing as a good news story with the organisation.  In between meeting’s I’ll get onto working through my daily tasks; these often involve content creation for our blog and internal channels such as our intranet. Often this involves liaising with Subject Matter Experts from across the business who work with me to develop interesting content and stories to share with the wider business. I’ll also schedule social posts across our Fujitsu social channels and each week review the engagement stats to see what worked well and what could be improved as well as follower growth. I’ll continue to work on our external case study and PR pipeline and also support my team with any comms requests to be published internally – (often these come from our CEO or executives to be communicated to all staff.)

Fujitsu: Bryana Vitha - gather for meeting

12.00 PM

Marketing team meeting. The marketing team gets together each week to inform each other of our key focus for the week, calling out if we need assistance with any projects. It’s a good chance to understand what we are all working on, and if we are collaborating with any global teams or stakeholders from across the business.

1.00 PM

Lunch time – being based at Macquarie Park, I am often tempted by the huge array of stores at the local Macquarie shopping centre. I’ll often have a quick bite to eat at my desk and then use my break to duck out for some fresh air. If I’m not feeling like heading to the shops, I’ll sit outside in the sun with some colleagues to eat my lunch - taking a break from my screen is super important and I always feel more productive when I return to my desk.

1.30 PM

Back in the office, I dial into a Public Relations call with my manager and our external PR agency and join our weekly Work in Progress update (WIP). Our agency are based in the CBD and we meet a couple of times a year, but generally hold these calls over the phone as a quick ‘touch-base’. We review the WIP which includes Account Management plans for the year, upcoming media stories and the releases we have in the pipeline as well as any upcoming events that we may need journalist attendance at. These calls are a great opportunity to maximise our opportunities in getting our brand in front of tech media and provide me with a better understanding of the media landscape and account management dealing with an external agency.

Fujitsu: Bryana Vitha - catch-up with manager

3.00 PM

It’s time for a quick catch up with my manager about what’s happening this week. Whilst we work closely together, it’s good to have an informal 1:1 to make sure what we are working on is aligned and if I can help out with any ad-hoc projects or comms requests that need immediate action. We discuss our upcoming external communication plans across social media, our blog, case studies/references and PR, as well as discussing a pipeline of internal communications to be drafted, approved and sent via email to all staff or on our intranet. Together we look after the internal communications for over 3,500 staff in Australia and New Zealand! We have a lot of close engagement with Fujitsu executives and our CEO, and working in comms means that I’m often one of the first to know of organisational announcements or changes as we’re the ones that put the communication together! One of the best parts of my role is my frequent interaction with senior leaders from across the business.

4.30 PM - 5.00 PM

I attend to any last minute emails, pack up my desk space (we work in an agile office and everything must be put away into a locker before leaving) and head home for the day. I know I’ll hit some peak hour traffic and need to get home in time for my global calls.

Fujitsu: Brayana Vitha - pack up

6.30 PM

Global PR network call – quite often my team will have to engage in global conference calls with our counterparts in Europe. Being a global company, I really enjoy the opportunity to work with and gain insights from our colleagues across the world. I get the opportunity to work with other Fujitsu staff based in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Italy and Japan. It’s a great example of our global breadth and the ability to work anywhere in the world. Due to time zones, communicating with these colleagues often results in after-hours calls. I’m lucky that when these are scheduled, I have the flexibility to leave work early to get home in time to log back in – if I don’t leave early on the same day, I can often flex my hours to suit any personal plans I might have in the week. Tonight I have an international marketing call with our Head of Corporate PR (based in Germany) and our Global Director of Internal Communications (based in the UK). I’ll be one of about 40 others on the call and it will be a great opportunity to find out what’s coming down the track this month in terms of international and HQ announcements, events or upcoming programs that we might be able to leverage for our Australian or New Zealand business.

Fujitsu: Bryana Vitha - head home

7.30 PM

Dinner time at home; I’m lucky that I still live at home and most nights I get a delicious dinner cooked for me - I’m never moving out! It’s also a great time for me to catch up with my family as I don’t get to see much of them mid-week. I enjoy having a chat over dinner and going over what has happened in our day.

8.30 PM

It’s time for a quick episode of reality TV or I’ll flop on the couch and read my book – I’m trying to get back into my reading as I find it really calming before bed! I’m also a little bit ‘social media obsessed’ so I’ll have a scroll of my accounts and send a couple of messages to some friends who are currently living overseas.

9.30 PM -10.00 PM

Bedtime… Ready to do it all again tomorrow!