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Chelsea Grmusa

I would recommend being proactive in seeking out opportunities to learn more about topics you are not familiar with. FTI Consulting has always been encouraging and accommodating in providing exposure to new areas.

What is your day-to-day job?

As an Associate, my day-to-day revolves around collaborating with the Forensic and Litigation Consulting team on a wide range of client engagements. Key tasks may involve analysing financial information, undertaking company and industry research, or assisting with report preparation. Within Forensic and Litigation Consulting, a client engagement may relate to a number of different areas, such as dispute advisory, risk investigations, or valuations. One day I might be analysing sets of data and incorporating them into a financial model; other days, I may be undertaking a risk assessment of a company’s key debtors or valuing employee stock options.

What's your background?

I was born and raised in Melbourne, so I planned to stay and work where the coffee is good. Thanks to a great accounting teacher in high school, I chose to jump into a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Finance, straight away. I took advantage of semester breaks by visiting family overseas. I also worked throughout my degree in the head office for a retail group, juggling liaising with my professors and stock suppliers and often coming into an empty office on the weekend. I started out as an Intern at FTI Consulting during my final year of my Bachelor and began working as an Associate a few months later.

Why FTI Consulting?

I discovered the internship with FTI Consulting’s Forensic and Litigation Consulting team through my university’s career page. While one of my professors had mentioned forensic accounting in my first year of university, I did not have a great understanding of what the field entailed. Years later, when coming across the internship and having researched the position further, I found myself largely drawn to FTI Consulting due to its large network and variety of expertise in different areas, believing that an internship was the perfect opportunity to gain experience.  

What is the most rewarding about your job?

One of the most valuable aspects of my job is the opportunity to participate in a client engagement from start to finish. This involves taking part in planning and strategy discussions with the team when first beginning the project, attending client meetings (or more often, conference calls lately), and being able to actively contribute to a meaningful work product. Along this process, I get to work with all members of the team, from other Associates to Senior Managing Directors, and gain exposure to seeing how a project develops.

What has been challenging?

As mentioned earlier, my day-to-day tasks vary greatly, depending on the particular client engagement and, in my experience so far, I’ve found that no two projects are the same. The range of different areas within Forensic and Litigation Consulting means that there is always more to learn. However, this also means that you never stop gaining expertise.  

What support is given to you?

From teaching me how to use the coffee machine to helping me to build my development objectives, I’ve found that the support provided by having a coach to be an enormous help. I’ve also been able to expand on my skillset through numerous training opportunities provided by FTI Consulting. Just recently, I was able to attend a financial modelling training course which took place over sessions spanning across four days, providing me with a more in-depth understanding of how to build financial models and also expand on my Excel skills.

What advice would you give current students interested in working for FTI Consulting? 

I would recommend being proactive in seeking out opportunities to learn more about topics you are not familiar with. FTI Consulting has always been encouraging and accommodating in providing exposure to new areas. I recall during one of my first weeks as an Intern at FTI Consulting, I was able to sit down over coffee and have a chat with an experienced colleague from our Corporate Finance and Restructuring team, who was able to provide me with a more detailed and personal account of this area.




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