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Ming Li

6.00 AM

I usually wake up early, feeling fresh and ready for an unpredictable day ahead. First, it’s gym time. I start my day with a Zumba class. Although I’m not exactly a ‘morning person’, there’s nothing like an early morning workout to increase my energy level and prepare me for the day. 

8.00 AM

Time to walk to work. I shower and iron my clothes at the End of Trip facilities at work – they provide fresh towels which is super convenient. Coming into work early gives me the chance to have some quiet time to eat my breakfast before beginning my busy day. I also get the chance to chat with some of my colleagues.

9.00 AM

I usually check my emails as soon as I sit down at my desk, before training kicks off at 9 am. I am on the Business Analysis / Business Intelligence course and this week we are learning about Business Analysis, something that is completely new to me. I’m finding it quite difficult to memorise all the theories and techniques but I’m sure it’ll be imprinted in my mind once I start putting what I have learnt to practice. This morning we learnt about Delivering the Requirements and Managing Business Change.

FDM Group Ming Li classroom training

10.30 AM

We have our first morning break from training. 

FDM Group Ming Li first morning break from training

12.30 PM

Lunchtime! There is a huge food court next to the office so I usually order fish and a salad on the social ordering app Ritual, where I will receive notifications about when my food will be ready to pick up. I go for a walk along the bay and telephone a friend from Melbourne. It’s a good time to catch up on one another’s lives and give my mind a break from work.

2.00 PM

In the afternoon, we start revising the modules we learnt during that week in order to prepare for our end of week exam. The pass mark for the exam is 75% so fingers crossed!

FDM Group Ming Li revising modules

3.30 PM

I definitely need a little boost in the afternoon, it’s been a long week and I’ve learned so much new information. This is the perfect time for a mini coffee break to chat with colleagues and discuss how we’re all doing.

FDM Group Ming Li chatting with colleagues


I can’t believe it’s time to go home already. Sometimes, my colleagues and I stay late to complete our projects. This week, a friend of mine is visiting Sydney and staying within walking distance from work, so I get dinner close by. We have Italian cuisine whilst watching the ferries go past the Sydney Opera House – what a way to enjoy an evening!