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Department of Transport

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Working Hours at Department of Transport

8.2 rating for Working Hours, based on 19 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Very flexible and offered the opportunity to work from home prior to pandemic.
Graduate, melbourne
Organisation is flexible; neither satisfied nor unsatisfied.
Graduate, Melbourne
Work hours are typical 9am to 5pm but the start end times are flexible, variable hours are possible pending discussion with a manager.
Graduate, Melbourne, Victoria
My manger is flexible and understands life can sometimes get in the way.
Not expected to work beyond set hours and you have a bit of flexibility when setting your usual work hours.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very flexible with work hours, I choose to work early in the morning as that is when I am most productive. Managers are happy with working hours being whatever you want them to be within the teams I have worked. I would start early and finish early and other members in my team who have kids would start after dropping them off at school, leave for an hour in the afternoon to pick them up and then continue to work from home for the remainder of the day.
Graduate, Melbourne
Expected to work 7.6 hours a day (excluding lunch break) For commitments that were less than half a day (like doctor's appointments), I would just make up for it during the week. There is absolutely no pressure to work overtime.
Graduate, Melbourne
38. Just a standard full-time week, however there is some flexibility with start and finish times.
Flexible working hours, even pre COVID-19.
Midlevel, Melbourne
The hours are very easy and there are programs in place for flexibility of hours, if you were wanting to work less.
Graduate, Ballarat
My work hours often vary depending on how busy our team is at any given time. Sometimes we are working more, I wouldn't say this is expected but as a team member (and someone who likes their team) you want to help out as much as you can. This is often balanced with finishing early other days or starting later. I think there is a good balance, and as sometimes it's busier it's just what's done to help your team and get tasks completed.
Graduate, Melbourne
I can work whatever hours I want, within reason (i.e. got to attend meetings). Hours are strictly 7.6 per day with any overtime granted as flex so you can enjoy yourself for the hard work you put in.
Graduate, Melbourne
Very flexible except when required to be on site or on the road.
Graduate, Melbourne
Work hours can be very flexible, but the ease with which you could access this flexibility would depend on your line manager.
Graduate, Melbourne
Flexible hours but the workload is ridiculous and due to me being the only one to know how to use some software (even though I offer to train others) I have to stay back to prevent a bottleneck.
Graduate, Melbourne CBD
Very flexible and no real expectation to work beyond the required amount.
Graduate, Melbourne