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Department of Transport

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Training & Personal Development at Department of Transport

7.2 rating for Training, based on 18 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
There have been several training opportunities, although it is hard to see the relevance of some.
Graduate, Melbourne
I have only been to informal training programs surrounding road safety, road safety barriers. Now I am aiming to attain a white card and RIW card, which allows access to construction sites and rail corridors respectively.
Graduate, Melbourne, Victoria
A few too many trainings on common sense things that do not need to be trained. But some very good trainings that allow me to learn about things I never thought I would e.g. Indigenous training and interactive training on disabilities and transport
Graduate, Melbourne
Company is quite good with providing training that you want. However, a lot of what I have planned has been postponed due to COVID-19.
Graduate, Melbourne
The induction training at the start of the graduate program was excellent and there are great training modules available on the intranet and training nomination system. Management are very supportive of training.
Given the current times with COVID-19, they have been very accommodating.
Graduate, Ballarat
I think the company has some great initiatives, specifically around diversity and inclusion. There is always more to be done but I think they find ways to make participants more empathetic and try to build a sense of community regardless of differences. They have also offered some great mental health initiatives, such as mindfulness, meditation and more.
Graduate, Melbourne
Due to the COVID-19 situation, almost all formal training has been halted. However, there is some informal training run by team members that has been very beneficial.
Graduate, Melbourne
We had the graduate learning and development training after working for four months. The training covers self-understanding, communication skills and effective feedback. It is the right time to have these training programs and I get to know myself better, learn how to communicate with others efficiently and ask for feedback.
Graduate, Melbourne
I have completed Green Card (Site Environmental Management), Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belts, Safe System and Safety Barrier training courses and many general training modules. The Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training is available to all employees and is fantastic.
Graduate, Melbourne
Formal training is available if you keep an eye out and/or seek it out and organise it. Informal training can be a bit ad hoc, but most people are happy to take you through things if you book some time with them.
Graduate, Melbourne
When I started, I did a few training courses on Systems Engineering which was great but now with working from home there's so much time for doing courses but we keep getting knocked back. Also, there's no real platform to go to develop job-specific skills. E.g. if I wanted to get better at teams of SharePoint there's no one within DoT offering those intro courses, this is super frustrating as it leaves a hole which I keep getting left to fill where I become the unofficial IT support.
Graduate, Melbourne CBD
Lots available, some teams really supportive, others sometimes not a priority.
Graduate, Melbourne