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Department of Transport

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Management at Department of Transport

8.3 rating for Management, based on 18 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Great mentors and established structures in place for mentoring guidance.
Graduate, melbourne
Some managers are good and engaging, while some team leaders seem to forget about their graduates.
Graduate, Melbourne
Managers are very friendly but are also very busy so it can be hard to get into contact with them. They are generally very good at providing positive or negative feedback
Graduate, Melbourne
Management and team leaders were pretty accessible and make good mentors, however executive-level mentors would be excellent, even with less access.
Can't say a thing wrong about my exposure so far, very helpful.
Graduate, Ballarat
I am definitely satisfied with my managers, I think there is a genuine interest in my overall development and I have had managers that have really gone above and beyond for me, particularly during a really hard time (pandemic/working from home). I think they do make good mentors, but I don't think they come off as condescending. I believe there could be some more opportunities for feedback, and I would want that, but I think everyone is being very supportive during the pandemic/working from home and that is very much appreciated, too.
Graduate, Melbourne
The managers I have had were all great. Very knowledgeable about their work and willing to teach. They acknowledge great work and provide polite, constructive criticism to tell you how to improve.
Graduate, Melbourne
Yes, my mentor is patient, approachable and willing to answer any questions from me. He cares about my well-being and my personal development as well. He always gives me constructive feedback.
Graduate, Melbourne
All my managers have been easily accessible and good to talk to.
Graduate, Melbourne
Generally very good, but, as with all positions, it's luck of the draw.
Graduate, Melbourne
My direct line manager is fantastic and always tries to find me new opportunities. His line manager uses me as a resource for menial tasks he doesn't have time to do, which is a bit degrading. With higher up managers, there is a bottleneck when I ask for training and development opportunities which is annoying. It seems to be out of their control but it's not well communicated.
Graduate, Melbourne CBD
Can vary, but generally managers and directors have plenty of time to listen and help.
Graduate, Melbourne