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Department of Transport

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Job Satisfaction at Department of Transport

7.1 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 18 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Often in teams that have insufficient workload or teams still trying to figure out what their roles are. Struggling to find any meaningful work to complete.
Graduate, Melbourne
I am given tasks according to my ability and I am always challenged to go out of my comfort zone to develop my abilities. Volume of tasks can often become overwhelming as numerous urgent tasks can unexpectedly pop up, requiring other tasks to be put on hold.
Graduate, Melbourne, Victoria
My role has me being tasked with delivering and developing positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. My day-to-day responsibilities can revolve around; research, data analysis, stakeholder engagement, and report writing.
It varies depending on position.
Graduate, Melbourne
Run financial reports and present these reports to relevant stakeholders. Also, develop budgets and allocate funds and charges into appropriate areas.
Graduate, Melbourne
Data auditing, development of informal guidelines for internal use for data collection, data presentation (including using Power BI).
Graduate, Melbourne
My last year of university really helped prepare me for the workforce but you find that you are also learning every day.
Graduate, Ballarat
There are a lot of administration responsibilities across the department, however, if people are willing to take on a bigger role/project this is often accommodated if possible.
Graduate, Melbourne
Managing projects across the eastern region. Making design decisions depending on environmental situations. Occasional site visits to consult with community or to check progress.
Graduate, Melbourne
My main day-to-day responsibility is to coordinate the engineering changes that the contractors proposed and to ensure the relevant subject matter expert (SME) from the stateside provide their feedback on time. It's great because I get the access to all the design documents from the contractors and can discuss with the SMEs. It's a great opportunity to learn.
Graduate, Melbourne
My role is in project support, facilitating the implementation of process mapping software. I have routine tasks like adding and removing users and troubleshooting, and larger tasks like developing an onboarding and offboarding process.
Graduate, Melbourne
Day-to-day responsibilities could be generalised as "problem-solving". I am often spending time finding solutions to issues related to works on our assets undertaken by external parties and issues brought to us by the public.
Graduate, Melbourne
It's not well defined. Sometimes I'm working as a software specialist, other times drafting engineering documentation, other times taking minutes. I understand that a workplace needs to be agile, however these skills didn't require me to get a degree and are super mundane. I would love to have a chance to put my skills to work.
Graduate, Melbourne CBD
Given enough responsibility reviewing and managing a very large contract on an interesting development project.
Graduate, Melbourne
Developing different projects and taking them through the governance process to get approvals.
Graduate, Melbourne