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Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE)

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Jack studied Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Development Studies at the University of Adelaide and is now a Government Lawyer at the department.

Jack joined the department as part of the generalist discipline and was selected to undertake his second graduate program placement in the Corporate Legal area. He is now enjoying working as a government lawyer.

What university did you attend?

University of Adelaide

What is your qualification?

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Development Studies

Where are you from originally?

Western Victoria

What areas of the department did you work in during your graduate year?

I spent my first placement helping out with the coordination of the Budget process in the office of the then Associate Secretary, Robert Griew.

My second placement was in the Corporate Legal, focusing mainly on Freedom of Information requests and privacy.

What type of work did you do?

My first placement included a wide variety of secretariat-type work: liaising between different teams; facilitating meetings and providing minutes; writing speeches and talking points; preparing briefs for Ministerial Submissions and providing quality assurance for Questions on Notice.

My second placement in the legal area consisted mainly of processing requests for information in accordance with legislation and administrative law. I also provided general advice and training on issues of probity and privacy.

What was the highlight of your graduate year?

Attending senate estimates and watching the theatrics.