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Department of Defence

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Madeleine studied Commerce and Arts at The Australian National University and is now a Graduate at the Department of Defence.

My favourite part about the graduate program was working in three diverse areas of Defence, each in a different city. I worked in both acquisition and sustainment with my three work rotations consisting of Guided Weapons acquisition in Canberra, Collins Submarine sustainment in Perth and Air Battlespace Management in Newcastle.

After completing a Commerce and an Arts degree at the ANU, Defence was my first choice of graduate program due to the exciting work and opportunities they offered. The highlight of my rotations was inspecting and assessing the equipment that Defence is acquiring or sustaining. This included touring guided missile test facilities, multiple ships and submarines and the Submarine Escape Training Facility. Viewing the Defence equipment that I was involved enabled me to understand the relevance of my work.

As a graduate cohort we were also given exciting opportunities such as touring various RAAF aircrafts, visiting a Special Forces Training Facility and attempting the Over Water Obstacle Course at ADFA.

I was lucky enough to work on both a Navy base and Air Force base. I enjoyed experiencing life on a base, including eating lunch at the mess and participating in sport and PT sessions with Air Force personnel. It also made for interesting lunchtime walks; watching the aircraft performing aerobatics overhead at the RAAF base, or walking to the wharf to see the submarines and ships at the Navy base.  The opportunity to work with APS, contractor and uniformed personnel allows for an interesting workplace.

Throughout the course of the graduate program I have made connections, both professional and social, that I would not have otherwise. The professional network I have created will no doubt benefit me well into my career, not to mention the life long friends that I have made.  I recommend the Capability Pathway to anyone looking to gain experience and exposure to Defence acquisition and sustainment and kick start their career in an exciting Department, all while playing an important role in supporting the war fighter.