Updating Results

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group


Rebecca Yates

4.30 AM

Roll out of bed and wash my face (I will never get used to waking up this early!)

4.50 AM

Get dressed and do my make-up.

5.00 AM

Make a breakfast smoothie and pack my lunch.

5.30 AM

Jump in the car and drive to work. I live near Sydney Olympic Park making the drive a little more scenic.

6.00 AM

Arrive at work. First thing I do is read emails to get updated on what has happened while I haven’t been at work. I have my breakfast smoothie while I am doing this.

6.20 AM

On morning shifts I complete daily as-run checks. This is to ensure that the as-run documents are true to what appeared on-air. An as-run literally means “as-it-runs”. It’s a little hard to explain this process exactly! In total I check 37 files, which takes me a total 2.5 hours to get through them all.

8.50 AM

Once finished, I submit these files to our client and then email my managers stating that they have been delivered.

9.00 AM

I greet the on-air presentation coordinators (it’s nice to be friendly!) and collect operational workflows. If required, I print more workflow documents.

10.00 AM

The perfect time to make a coffee. Deluxe has a barista coffee machine! It’s amazing!

10.10 AM

Now that I have my coffee, it’s time to do some testing for the new automated as-run checks. Basically, I’m checking if the automation system is creating the correct information in the as-run documents. If I notice any issues, I notify the Platform Subject Matter Expert.

11.00 AM

Check if the presentation coordinators require breaks. If so, I seat in the presentation suites and monitor the markets for the channel until the coord returns. A market is the area in which the channel is transmitted to, for example Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are all different markets. We monitor a total of 12 markets for four channels.

12.00 PM

Lunch time! If the weather is pleasant I like to go outside for lunch. It’s nice to get away from all the screens.

12.30 PM

After lunch, I check my emails again to see if I am required to complete any additional duties. If not, I do captions checks. Captions checks requires me to watch parts of programs a few days in advance to ensure the captions are working properly.

2.00 PM

Every month our department has a meeting to discuss up-coming live events, system updates and our achievements for the month.

3.00 PM

Home time!

3.40 PM

When I get home after work I like to relax and literally do nothing!

4.00 PM

Go to the supermarket and do the weekly grocery shop.

5.00 PM

Choose a TV show to watch while I’m cooking dinner. My favourites currently are Black Mirror and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

6.00 PM

Eat dinner and pack lunch for the next day.

7.00 PM

Take a shower.

7.20 PM

Tidy my apartment and catch up on social media.

8.30 PM

Bed time! I can’t cope without at least 8 hours of sleep.