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Working Hours at CSL

8.6 rating for Working Hours, based on 16 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
The hours can be flexible dependent on department.
Experienced, Test
Very flexible. GM is empowering and trusting.
Graduate, Melbourne
I always felt as though work/life flexibility was quite good at CSL and with the recent COVID pandemic restrictions, this component has only improved.
Graduate, Melbourne
Work hours are generally 9-5 Mon-Fri. Very flexible as there are a lot of after-hours meetings due to my company being global.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Company is flexible on hours, but requires you being flexible for hours.
Graduate, Melbourne
Quite flexible, as long as your fortnightly hours is met.
Midlevel, Melbourne
My work hours are 73.5/fortnight. The company is very flexible with work-hours, arrangements can be made with your manager to fit your needs.
Graduate, Melbourne
It varies by manager and role, however in the teams I have worked with, the general consensus is that you can work from 7am-3pm, 9am-5pm or anywhere in between. In times of heightened workload, extra hours may be required and compensation is provided.
Graduate, Melbourne