Updating Results


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Brogan Lear

9.00 AM

First port of call is always to check my emails and calendar so I set about looking for anything urgent and lining up my day. I see that I need to action a few requests that have come through from our customer-facing teams so prioritise those tasks and line up the rest of my day around a few key meetings.

CSL Brogan Lear working on her desk

9.30 AM

The most important item for me to complete today is some marketing materials for our upcoming campaign. I give the creative agency a call to discuss some minor changes that I think need to be made. While I wait, I prepare a proposal for a meeting later in the day regarding a health initiative for the business. I need to make sure I consider the role of a number of different teams and capture any key points or questions to raise later. 

11.00 AM

Receiving the final updates to my marketing materials, I am really happy with the finished product. Working in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s imperative that I ensure we are compliant with relevant codes of conduct so I head over to discuss the piece with my manager and medical colleagues to ensure the outcome aligns with our wider strategy. They have been involved in planning and advising on the campaign throughout the development and are happy with the outcome. The team completes the final stages of approval via our online system and our campaign is ready to launch.

12.30 PM

I head to the canteen for lunch with the other grads that work on my site. It’s also great to keep in the loop with what’s happening in other parts of the business and get a break away from my desk.

1.30 PM

I have a quick WIP with my manager to ensure I am on track with existing projects and take on a new task now that I have completed our campaign. 

3.00 PM

I meet with the cross-functional team to plan the new initiative that the senior leadership team has requested. We map out the process together and ensure that each function is able to meet their requirements.  There are some challenges that we work through and overall it looks like it will be a success.

CSL Brogan Lear in a meeting with the cross-functional team

4.00 PM

To finish off the working day I get started on a brief for some market research that my team will be conducting soon. I make a start but think I would benefit from the input of my colleagues that have specific experience in this area so I schedule in a meeting tomorrow. 

5.00 PM

Home time! My workload as a graduate keeps me busy but rarely keeps me in the office very late. Once I get home, I unwind with my housemates before (occasionally) heading to the gym and settle in for some Netflix.

CSL Brogan Lear at work before going home