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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Ayla Hearn

8.30 AM

I usually start work at this time, although my manager is very flexible about my work hours. I work as a Process Engineer within the Utilities Department at a plasma-derived biotherapies manufacturing site. The site currently has around 1,500 employees, with the number increasing rapidly every year. On Mondays, we receive a summary email of everything major that’s happened over the past week/weekend in the utility maintenance space, and that’s where I like to start my week. I also use this time to plan my day and look at what meetings I have coming up.

Ayla on her desk

9.00 AM

Most mornings, I grab a coffee and check in with my fellow graduates from different departments at our in-house canteen. This is a great way to catch up and share what we are working on.

9.15 AM

I begin my daily online monitoring of utilities systems have had projects/works within. These could be Air Handling Systems or Special Waters systems. My manager returns from her morning meetings, so if any equipment has broken down overnight, or the Production team have brought up any issues with utilities equipment, my manager will assign it to someone within the team. If there is an urgent breakdown, I usually spend the next couple of hours speaking to the various trades on site (Mechanics, Electricians, Instrumentation technicians, Plumbers and Carpenters), as well as engaging with our stores to find parts. Occasionally, I engage with external suppliers and manufacturers, to order parts or scope further work. 

9.30 AM

If there aren’t any urgent breakdowns, my day-to-day tasks can vary. I’ll often have meetings with the production managers about improvements or small projects that I’m working on. If it’s the beginning of the month, I’ll complete monthly trending to ensure that our utilities air handling and special waters systems are performing efficiently, and there are no issues starting to arise; the key is to catch things early if you can.

Being an engineer means that no two days are the same, which is great if you like variety. 

11.00 AM

Each week we have a team meeting where we go through all our team’s KPIs and check in to ensure everyone is comfortable with their workload as well as discussing issues and forward planning.

Ayla with her teammates

12.00 PM

Most of the graduates have lunch together in the canteen. It’s a good way to network and learn about other parts of the business. 

1.00 PM

My manager will occasionally ask me to attend meetings on her behalf. These are generally maintenance planning meetings. I find them very interesting as I learn a lot about what is planned for the coming week and see just how much it takes to plan everything for a site as big as ours. 

3.00 PM

I continue working on my day-to-day tasks. This may include organising parts for upcoming work, checking equipment in the field, speaking to various production managers about future improvements, or undertaking efficiency trending. There’s always something to keep me busy. 

4.30 PM

I usually finish around this time. Living so close to work is great because I don’t waste any time commuting. 

6.00 PM

I go to the gym most nights, then head home for dinner and wind down before bed.