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Sophia Huynh

5.50 AM

My IoT light bulb turns on to brightest and bluest colours to slowly wake me up.

6.00 AM

Wake up. Shower, slap on some clothes, eat.

7.00 AM

Leave the house. I travel by bus to work.

8.00 AM

Get to work. I'm early because we have a Lean Business meet up today in the Collab.

We discuss a range of topics around Business Innovation, from the use of AR in Health to how to use technology in facilitating collaboration. There's a few of us from different companies and backgrounds, so it's interesting to see the different perspectives.

Day in the life Cognizant Sophia Huynh 800x500 at the board

9.00 AM

Meet up finishes. Those of us who work in the Collab, stay and continue discussing for a bit longer. There are a lot of factors that affect how Australia can be in the forefront of innovation, and what can be done about it.

9.10 AM

Some of us go get coffee, with a keep cup because the environment is important. We continue our discussion about digitally enabled collaboration in the workplace on the way there.

Day in the life Cognizant Sophia Huynh 800x500 smiling

9.30 AM

Get back to the office, and it is time for stand-up. Yesterday, I had some discussions with our Designer on the branding update for the website we're working on. Today, we're going to block out some time to do our Agile Practice Exam and continuing those discussions from yesterday and implement said changes.

9.40 AM

We finish stand up and start work.

I start the day by implementing the changes discussed yesterday. I'll make the said changes, update the Designer and discuss, and implement changes again.

We share some stories and eat some candy. Since I’m on the bench right now, we have flexibility on working building our technical skills and some internal projects.

Day in the life Cognizant Sophia Huynh 800x500 2018 Laptop

10.50 AM

Some of the HR and Engineering team members came into the Collab. We're celebrating our Head of Engineering's year anniversary at Cognizant with cake and friendship.

11.00 AM

All of the Engineering department have gathered in the Collab, just waiting for the star of the day.

11.05 AM

She's here! We have cake and celebrate.

11.15 AM

It's time to do the Agile Practice exam. We discuss each question to get a better understanding. It is a team bonding and learning experience.

91% Not bad.

Day in the life_Cognizant__Sophia Huynh_800x500_2018 (9)

12.30 PM

Time for lunch. We go get food. Today we’re going to the restaurants near Southern Cross.

Day in the life_Cognizant__Sophia Huynh_800x500_2018 lunch

1.30 PM

Lunch is over, and I finish implementing the changes for the website, and raise a Pull Request. There are no Code Reviews for me to look at.

2.00 PM

I work on compiling information for our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, in preparation for a meeting I have at the end of the week. The team orders Bubble Tea from our local bubble tea place.

Day in the life_Cognizant__Sophia Huynh_800x500_2018 office

3.00 PM

I continue studying some of the parts of SAFE Agile certification.

4.00 PM

The Digital Strategy Team are filming some footage tomorrow. I help set up and test some equipment.

Day in the life_Cognizant__Sophia Huynh_800x500_2018 talking with officemate

4.20 PM

Back to studying Agile.

5.00 PM

We have a cheese, wine and mentoring night. We learn about pairing and how to succeed in reaching our career goals.

8.00 PM

Wine and cheese knowledge building now over, and we all head off home.