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Clean Energy Regulator

  • 100 - 500 employees

Salary at Clean Energy Regulator

8.3 rating for Salary, based on 4 reviews
What are your thoughts on pay and bonuses at your company?
It's fair (and the standard) compensation for work at my level.
Graduate, Canberra
I feel very satisfied with my salary. I have not thought about bonuses as I don't believe I am entitled to any.
Graduate, Canberra
By all accounts, the CER enterprise agreement is quite generous.
Graduate, Canberra
What are your company's best or most unusual perks? For example: free tickets, free dinners, moving expenses, taxis, pension, etc.
The agency helped me with the costs of relocating from another city, which was very useful. It can be stressful trying to find a place to live and starting work in a completely new environment at the same time, so this support made this transition easier.
Graduate, Canberra