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Tavishi Kweera

7.00 AM

My alarm goes off and after 5 minutes contemplating that should I sleep for 5 more minutes or I should get up and do some exercise, I end up waking up after 10 minutes. I get ready, pack my lunch, but it depends on if I have made something last night or if I have done meal preps then I leave home listening to podcast to work. 

8.30 AM

I try to reach office early so, that I can find a nice spot to sit with a view. I set up my workstation and go to the kitchen to make my morning tea or to get a piece of fruit. I usually find my colleagues in the kitchen, we greet and chat about how’s everyone doing, different things happening in office and around the world and it’s the best place to have a break in the middle of a hectic schedule as it lets you relax for a bit by talking to your peers.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Three female professional drinking coffee at the kitchen

9.00 AM

I check my emails and calendar meetings while sipping my morning tea and making my to-do list for the day. I usually have a stand-up call with my manager at 09:30 AM, it is either face to face or a skype call depends upon my manager’s availability. We discuss what I did yesterday and what I am doing today and if there are any blockers. After that, I start my work depending upon the tasks which are at priority as I am customizing a form in an app and working on approvals using Microsoft Technologies on a specific business requirement so, my day tends to go fast. 
Capgemini Australia Graduate - Female professional working on her desk.

11.30 AM

I am mapping the business flow of the requirements and writing user stories of the business processes in order to understand what needs to be delivered and how it needs to be delivered. Also, I am customizing the SharePoint forms using Microsoft technologies in order to make the forms easier to control and user- friendly, I get my hands dirty on PowerApps and SharePoint.

12.00 PM

Its lunch time one of my favorite time of the day, usually on Fridays most of us grads go for a lunch together depending on what everyone feels like having. It’s a great way to communicate and bond outside work with your mates. So, I have only one coffee a day, I get excited about my coffee after lunch and then we go back to the office. Lunch looked like this today, yum. 

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Two plates of rice, meat, and vegetables

2.00 PM 

Back to my desk, start my work from where I left before heading out for lunch. I have to study and research on the new technologies to be able to understand how to make a form performs the correct functions. I have meeting with stakeholders discussing the gaps which we found in our requirements gathering sessions. 

3.30 PM

I discuss with my colleagues if I have any issues performing my tasks and everyone is happy to help. I have few other meetings for internal initiatives as Women@Capgemini and Grads Doing Good where we discuss and brainstorm about the ideas for our next events. Grads Doing Good is an initiative where we aim on how can our grad community help give back to the society so, we have organised initiatives as donations for bushfire relief, donations of professional clothes and accessories to help out young people wanting to start a career and donations of a handbag full of basic amenities for a women and a girl.

5.00 PM 

It’s time to head to a bar as it’s Friday, the best feeling ever. All the grads are grabbing a drink together after a long week. As they say you work hard and party harder.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Young female professional with two of her friends.