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Sharmeen Kaur

7.00 AM

My alarm goes off and I right away snooze it to 15 mins and after 2 failed attempts I wake up, get ready quickly in my comfortable yet smart clothing and run to catch the 8.30 am train to the city. 

8.50 AM

Upon entering the office, I set my eyes on a perfect hot desk for the day and it’s a small win when I find the one! The view, double screen - Perfect! I set up while chatting with colleagues around me. And that’s when I see Tavishi and Caitlin – also grads from my intake and we brew the perfect pot of French press using the coffee I bought from my last trip to Nairobi, Kenya… nostalgia hits me and takes me back there. Wow. What a time it was. Okay back to reality now!

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Young female professional drinking coffee.

11.30 AM

So happy that I was able to smash through the emails. Now I head to the meeting where I am supposed to showcase the user interface design I have been working on. That feeling of content because of the positive feedback and appreciation I just received for the work that I have been doing. I used an online open source tool to build a high-fidelity prototype and it turned out to be very interactive. 

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Young female professional working on her laptop computer.

12.00 PM

It’s lunchtime. Today is Friday and like every other Friday, all the grads go for lunch together which sometimes ends up being a long lunch followed by a cup of coffee. Being in the city is so useful since we are able to explore so many different restaurants and are also able to catch up with everyone else. 

2.00 PM

It is presentation time!! I cannot believe I am teaching the Business Analysis masterclass to the newly joined grads – it is insane since I was taking this class 10 months ago. I am confident and yet can feel the jitters but after talking to the grads and my manager who is taking the class with me, I feel better. 

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Company meeting

3.30 PM 

Phew, that is over! looks like I did okay, cheers!

Back to my desk, I go through my inbox and skype once again – it all looks calm. I get a notification – OutFront Ally network meeting. I almost forgot about it! I grab Stacey and we all sit together, get our friends from Sydney on call and brainstorm some new ideas surrounding diversity and inclusivity in our organization. 

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Young female professionals holding drinks.

4.30 PM 

Time to pack up, it’s Friday and I am making good use of flexible work policy. All the grads are grabbing a drink together!

We take our value ‘FUN’ very seriously!